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Isedaye Omo Tuntun/The Birth of a New Baby

Posted on 03 January 2015 by Babalawo Aworeni


Isedaye Omo Tuntun/The Birth of a New Baby. The spirit of a child comes from Heaven. It is important to ask Ifa at every stage of a person’s life, for instance before one gets married or during the birth of a new baby. The reading for the baby occurs when a baby is born and is very important so that the parents will know the type of child they have. Some children come from heaven with a spirit that doesn’t like noise, or may have a delicate constitution, if this is the case, Ifa advises us on how to be a better parent to these types of children. The first reading of the baby is for the child’s destiny, it is a private matter, usually performed between just the parents and the priest. This is because certain taboos or perceived weakness of the child is not for everyone to hear. Sometimes it will be at the parent’s discretion as to whether or not to tell the child. When the child is older it may be prudent to tell them more about their destiny.

When Ifa tells us the child’s destiny, he may say that the child should be initiated or maybe they shouldn’t eat certain foods, or possibly there is a sickness and a sacrifice should be made. This is for the child’s future and what they are destined to become. Ifa will also tell about the name of the child. Ifa’s name for the child will help the child fulfill their destiny. During the naming ceremony it should be performed in the morning and is when the name is given. The other names of the baby other than the family name should reflect the nature of the pregnancy and the actual birth of the baby.


With regards to the placenta, how it comes out with the baby has a specific meaning also if a child is breach this has a specific name. The tradition surrounding pregnancy, birth, the vital 7 days after the birth and throughout childhood is sacred and there are many rituals surrounding these stages. The rituals involve the first bath of the child, the behavior of the caregiver at birth, what is done with the materials after the first bath, what is done with the placenta, etc.

The Oro Idile, comes from the family compound, where for the first 7-8 days after the birth the mother can only eat certain foods or must exclude certain foods/spices. This too, determines the life of the child. Many times if a parent hasn’t performed the Oro Idile for the child, the child may have a problem later in life or fall sick. The parents may think at that time that someone is attacking them through their child, but that is not the case, the problem originated within the first 7-8 days after the baby was born. Oro Idile is family/compound specific.

Ifa tells us how to be good parents. When the child becomes an adult the parents will disclose the destiny according to what Ifa said to them as a baby and they will take this information into adulthood. The child will know how to conduct themselves in the world, the clothes they should wear, colors they should avoid, taboo foods, etc.

In the Yoruba tradition the people that have children have the world. It is a vital part of the Ifa religion. Every Orisa has many children. According to the source of Ifa in Ile-Ife, a man and woman are to marry and have children. Homosexual relationships are taboo. If a woman is barren this is a different matter.

In this Odu Ifa, Ogbe Osa  Ifa talks about when the people of Ilu Obirin town practiced homosexuality and Olodumare sent Orumila. Orunmila went to war in the town of Ilu Obirin to destroy the town. The town was inhabited by only women and they were brought back to Ile-Ife and taught how to properly conduct their life.


Oloye Oloriwarefa Owolabi  and Iyanifa Awojoke Aworeni – Greets all of the Orishada Community

Happy New Year in the Gregorian Calendar, Ifa will bless and keep us in this new year.

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Osetura Agbara Obirin : The power of the woman

Posted on 22 March 2014 by Babalawo Aworeni

photo(4)Osetura Agbara Obirin: The power of the woman

Osetura is the odu that is called when making a sacrifice. If it isn’t called the ebo will not be effective.  The only way an ebo can be effective and be received by Olodumare is for the incantation for Osetura to be called.

The odu Osetura also speaks about the power of women.  It says that if they aren’t given honor and respect then they can anger and they have the ability to destroy the world.

If a woman wants to capture the power from a man, she can use 201 tricks that are intrinsic to all females then they can use an additional 50 tricks after which the man’s power will be theirs if they desire it.

The lives of all males are in the hand of the female.  If a husband is to succeed let us look to his wife.  The success of the family is in the hand for the woman.

We have to give females respect and honor whenever a sacrifice is made.  If any female enter during the time when the sacrifice is being made, then it is said that they the sacrifice has been accepted.  This is because Olodumare empowers women and it is good for men to give full respect for women.

This odu teaches us that we should not use our eyes to under value a woman or any person.  All the Irunmole know the power that Olodumare gave to Osun and she has great ability to fight them.  In the end they all give her great respect.


Akere finu sogbon

Ni oruko ti an pe ifa iran

Ija gidigidi ko kan agba

Eniti olorun ba pe ni lagba

Baba la ma pe

Adifa fun osetura ti o ma ti kere

Gba agba lowo olodunmerinlogun

This is divined for all Igba Irumole Oju Kotun and divined for Igba Irunmole Oju Kosi, when they came from the heaven to this earth.

When they got to earth and they began building their house but they refused to build a house for Osun because they thought her to be a simple female.

Osun watched carefully how the Irunmole treated her.  This was the way they began building the world.  However she knew that if they were to know peace or to succeed in the world, in the end they would have to beg her and give her the ultimate respect.

As time progressed, the earth changed for the worse and all the people that Orunmila said would survive, died and the people he said should die, survived.

Ogun is the one who produces the iron, when he want to manufacture iron, all made wasn’t any good.

Obatala is the one who make the artists, and at this time all artist he made turned out bad.

The earth turned into a place of disaster and the Irunmole went back to Olodumare.  They explained all that happened on the earth.

And Olodumare use his mirror to check the world and he saw that Osun was under the tree.  Olodumare asked the Irunmole what became of the female that he sent with them to earth was.  They answered that she was a simple and ordinary female.  Olodumare told them they have to go back to the earth and build the house for her and give her the honor and respect.

When they got back to this earth, they built a house for her and Osun refused to sleep there because they didn’t build it for her in the beginning.  Then all the Irunmole decided that they we would sleep in the same house.

Osun is a beautiful woman all of Irunmole wanted to be with her but they didn’t know how.

Orunmila has a lot knowledge and he used his knowledge to speak a secret incantation.  Nobody understood what he saying to the iroko and he put the words to Osun’s chest.  This is how he was able to have his way with her.

When Osun woke up in the morning she saw that her clothes were wet and she called all the Orisa and asked them who had sex with her nobody answered.

Osun took out the Edun Ara, pulled her power and called the incantation that said whomever had sex with her the Arira should kill that person.  Thunder entered Orunmila’s house.

Orunmila took  his Oke Ponri Re o Gbe o and made a reading.  Then he used the Sigidi, called on his power using his power, and began to recite a powerful incantation, which said that Sigidi should kill Osun.

Osun listened to the words that Orunmila spoke and she asked him if he was the one who had sex with her and he answered her in the affirmative.

Osun asked why he didn’t tell her and he asked her to please calm down, so he could explain.

The two of them reconciled, married and became husband and wife.

Nine months later Osun delivered a baby boy and they names the baby, Omo Ti Osun Tu Wa.

When the baby grew up, Orunmila asked Osun to have another baby, but she refused.  She only wanted to have one child for Orunmila.

Osun said that if any babalawo want to make any ritual or sacrifice and if they don’t called the name of my child, Osun Tu Wa or Osetura the ritual or sacrifice we not be effective.

If a babalawo wants to make the (ebo) sacrifice he has to called Osetura to the sacrifice before it can accepted by Olodumare.

This is odu lets us know the powerful of females.

Oloye Olori Iwarefa Owolabi Aworeni.

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