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Iwa Pele: Good Character

Posted on 16 August 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni


Iwa Pele is character.  In the olden days, Iwa was the most beautiful woman in the village and everybody  wanted to marry her.  It was only Orunmila that made the proper sacrifice and was allowed to marry Iwa.  When Orunmila made the sacrifice he was given one special instruction and it was that he could never yell or mistreat Iwa.  One day years into his marriage with Iwa, Orunmila returned home and his food was not yet prepared.  Orunmila began to scream at Iwa.  Iwa patiently bore the brunt of Orunmia’s wrath.  She quickly finished preparing the food and Orunamila sat and ate.  In the morning Iwa packed her things and left Orunmila’s house and returned to Heaven.

Orunmila searched and searched for Iwa eventually finding her in heaven.  When Orunmila went to heaven to find Iwa, he changed his clothes as not to appear as himself.  When Iwa came out, Orunmila begged her to return.  She agreed but her said that she would never return in human form again.  She would only return in spirit.

The person that is patient will see Iwa, for Suuru (Patience) is the father of good character.  Great things in life comes to those with patience.  Good character is easy for some and very difficult for others because of one’s mind.

If  a person doesn’t have good character no one will look for them, everyone will dislike them and on one will give them the good advice.  If you have a good mind you can also have good character.  Being good to others invites good character.  It also important that one cannot judge them self it is others that will recognize the good character in them.

One does not feed or worship good character, she is a collection of behaviors and she is necessary to receive and care for the Orisha.  To work with the Orisha one must have Iwa, it requires good character and patience.

Eji Ogbe and Ogbe Ogunda are amoung the many odus that speak of Iwa.

The next post will focus on Ori inu.

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