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Opele: Element of Divination

Posted on 11 November 2015 by Babalawo Aworeni


Opele is one of the elements used to cast an Ifa reading. Orunmila detected Opele by using Ikin Ifa (oke
iponri) to cast the reading, and he is also the one who guides Orunmila on his way. Orunmila woke up in the morning and cast the reading the Odu that came out was Ejiogbe.


Konbi onitaji , Ilebe ko se dipa 

Eru A difa fun Orunmila To fe

Lo fi Owo ra Irerere leru Irere

La jeku irere laaje aja Atokun

Tosa laaje Ori erinla akiikere

To won ni Ife Ooni Oja koja 

Kito oja agbale, Okun to 

Kun kii To kun yemideregbe

Yemideregbe ni oruko taa pe 

Olokun Orunmila ni kanraa 

Nibu Orunmila ni kanraa loro 

Gbogborogbo ni lowo yo ju ori 

Gbogborogbo ni moriwo ope yo 

Ju ogomon lo Igbo kiidi ki 

Iroko ma yori temi yo temi

Yo ni akikodiye ke.
Ifa said that when he gets to the market to buy some items, that he should first put money on something he does not want to buy. When Orunmila got to the market he looked around for the items he wanted to buy, then he remembered the reading he made. He encountered one slave (Irere) who had a limp leg and was handicap.

Orunmila put moneyon the slave. Orunmila originally used Opele as a housekeeper and to clear the bush. Until one day clients who came to visitOrunmila noticed Opele working outside, before they reached Orunmila , Opele started speaking their problems.

Orunmila discovered Opele had knowledge, Opele was once a human being. Orunmila loved himand treated him as he did his own children. Opele stayed in the house and divined for Orunmila’s visitors, but Opele started speaking ill of Orunmila.
Orunmila’s clients and the people started saying that Orunmila didn’t have power, that Opele had more powerthan Orunmila. One day when Orunmila was traveling, Opele was called to the Olofin’s palace to divine. WhileOpele was at the palace he committed a major offense.

When Orunmila returned to the town, Olofin invitedOrunmila to the palace, and he explained all that Opele had done. Orunmila was very angry, and he begged Olofin forgiveness for Opele’s offense. Orunmila did another reading for Olofin, and did a sacrifice for him.
When Orunmila returned back home he called Opele. Opele started to insult Orunmila, so he took the iroke and knocked Opele on the head. Opele broke into eight pieces . Orunmila didn’t want to throw Opele away, so hejoined the pieces together and used him to consult. He has five elements. They are Bone (egun), Cowries (owo eyo), Stone (okuta), Broken plate (awo ti o fo), Snail button (be bere igbin). The five elements of Opele stand for two options:   Ire (good) and Ibi (bad)20151111_222222

Ibo idi Opele

You have to feed Opele, but there is a specific way to feed it. You can feed it during and when you feed Ifa, but you can’t put it on top of Ifa because it is a slave (eru ki ba olu a mi gun opo). You can feed it anytime you want. There are many different types of Opele:Egbere, Agbigba, Akargba ect… Although Opele tells the truth, Ikin is more accurate. Therefore Ikin is used for more important consultations, like initiations.


Awon Opele

Ki ade pe lori , Ki Bata akun pe lese, Ki irukere akun pe lowo, Ki esin oba je oko pe, Baba yee Oonirisa.



Orishada , Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo, Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa, Ojugbona, Gbogbo Omo Awo and All Entire Aworeni Family Congratulate Kabiyesi Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Oguwusi Ojaja II Olori Alade gbogbo Oonirisa  Arole Oduduwa, May your reign bring goodness & prosperity to the land & the entire people of Ife and all Yoruba kingdom and be peaceful Ase ooo.

Oloye Oloriwarefa Awo Ooni Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni.

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Egbe Orun: Spirit Companions

Posted on 18 February 2012 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Egbe Orun are spirit companions.  Every person enjoys the company of these companions in the heavens before they come to earth.  When a person comes from heaven, there are many groups that they may be associated with.  One of these groups is called Egbe Emere, which is one of the most powerful groups.  A person’s destiny on earth is already determined before they leave the heavens.  Their spirit has already made an agreement with the powers that be.  This agreement may be for money, long life, children, etc.  This agreement depends on the individual.

In some cases a person may have a husband or wife during their time in the heavens and they may have made a promise to this significant other.  They may have promised not to take another husband or wife when they travel to earth.  Or they may have promised only to spend a day, week or month on earth.  If the agreement was broken while on earth an individual will experience many problems in their earthly life.

It is important that a person makes a sacrifice to the Egbe Emere, Didi Eru Egbe or the relevant Egbe Orun for their particular situation when they arrive to this world.  Some promise that they will do it while in heaven but when they come they get distracted and don’t perform the necessary sacrifice.

Some people have Egbe Orun in the ocean.  Some have Egbe Orun in a particular tree.  Everyone has Egbe or spirit companions that they were close to while in heaven.  In Oyeku Ogbe,

Iji aji a ko jire

Isun asun a ko sun ire

Ebo Oyekulogbe la o mon

it was divined for Orunmila when Orunmila hide his money in his room.  On the day when he returned from a journey, he found that the money was missing.  He thought that one of his Omo Awo had stolen it.  The money kept coming up missing and Orunmila discovered that it was his Egbe disrupting his life.  Afterward, he performed the necessary sacrifice, feeding them.  After doing this, the money stopped disappearing.  He then began to feed them regularly and didn’t have a problem again.

The problems that people have will manifest in different ways.  Some will lose jobs, or have problems with childbirth and other may have problems with marriage and relationships, it depends on the individual circumstance.  All these things could be a result of a broken promise with the Egbe or their displeasure in something about the person’s life on earth.  It is the Egbe that has the power to to take essential things from someone to make their life unhappy, it is usually done because of a broken agreement.

It is not everyone that is Abiku, that will die during their naming ceremony or during their wedding, but for some it is the case.  The Egbe Orun take them because it is their original agreement.

In Oshe Omolu (Oshe Ogunda)

Oshe Omolu

Osi ko mo awo

Agada ko mo ori

Eni o da oru

divined for Omo Asode, Omo Aroko and Omo Asawo, these three children came from the same heaven.  They made the promise before going to earth, that they would return to heaven after spending only seven (7) days on earth.  The three mothers of these children went to get a reading from the same babalawo.  Only one mother made the appropriate sacrifice.  They were told not to have a big naming ceremony or party at the birth, only they should give the child their name.  The other two mothers used the money for the sacrifice to have a large ceremony.  During the naming ceremony the Egbe Orun called the children home.  When they got to Omo Asawo he was able to send them away because of the sacrifice that his mother made.

It is the destiny of some people to be very powerful on earth.  It is through the Egbe that the positive aspects of one’s destiny will manifest.  For some people a very small seeming insignificant thing will turn into something very large and important through the Egbe.  It is important for people to always take care of their Egbe Orun.  In the case of a sick child it is especially important, because the problems with that child can likely be caused by the Egbe Orun.

Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni


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