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The words Loyal and Betray are quite often misunderstood.

Posted on 07 April 2023 by Babalawo Aworeni


The words Loyal and Betray are quite often misunderstood. These words, loyalty and betrayal are something to think deeply about. Loyalty is seen and felt not just said. Loyalty is like the word love, it must be felt and shown and not just spoken. In other words, it must be acted and not just spoken only. Betrayal on the other hand, seems to be more seen and felt and experienced these days because of the characteristics of some people. 

Take for example, I will use the word loyalty to show reference to the relationship of a pet dog and its owner. The owner of the dog nurtures, cares for, pets, feeds, shows love, shows compassion, takes the pet dog to the veterinarian for the regular checks and if the pet dog becomes ill, attends to ensure health is restored and etc. The dog, would show his gratitude by being loyal to its owner. 

The point is, as humans, we speak the word LOYAL without acting the word LOYAL. The word loyal shows if someone has gratitude for life and all that comes in it or not, in turn, this is where betrayal comes in. It means that you can betray the source of your life by such actions. My point is, you and another person can have a disagreement, we are humans, we are not perfect, but it does not mean you should automatically betray that person because of disagreement. Were you loyal genuinely even in agreement? 

I always prefer to use myself as an example and prime example to exemplify my word. I, His Eminence Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni, The Araba Agbaye Oluisese Makoranwale II, The Arole Orunmila, am very loyal and will always be loyal ISESE, I can never betray Isese. My loyalty to Olodumare, Orunmila, my Ori, all Orisa, Egbe, all Ancestors because without a doubt,  they are LOYAL to me, they have never betrayed me. Loyalty is not just spoken but is seen and felt.

Loyalty, like the word love is not to be taken for granted and played with. Betrayal,like the word hate should be avoided as much as possible. As I recently told someone, we must not only preach the Word of Ifá, but we must Act the Word of Ifá. 

His Spiritual Eminence,

Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni

The Araba Agbaye Olu-isese 

Makoranwale II

Arole Orunmilla.

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World Ifa Festival 2017

Posted on 04 June 2017 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Orunmila Barami Agbonmiregun, the World Ifa Festival was held Saturday June 3-4, 2017 at Oketase the  Ile Ifa Agbaye (World Ifa Temple), Ile-Ife. This festival celebrates the New Year for all the traditional Yoruba practitioners.


This year’s World Ifa festival was attended by thousands of people from all over the world. The rituals began in the early morning and will continue into the following day.IMG-20170603-WA0009

The odu Ifa for this year is Ogunda Iwori / Ogunda Arado   – Ire gbogbo.

Ifa says we  must make offering to Osun in this year.  Osun will be giving the blessings.  We must take good care of the females in our lives, in this year.


This year, Ifa says that we should not  betrayer, liar to each other . This person will be close to us.  Ifa says no matter which Orisa that we have in our house we should not neglect them.

Ifa says we should use male goat to make a sacrifice. We have to feed Ogun too.

Ifa is telling us in this year that we need to make the sacrifice so that we will not see war.  There is much trouble coming to the world in this year and the Ifa practitioner is well advised and has the tools available to handle the upcoming turmoil.

People who do not have wives will find a wife in this year.  Ifa devotees will see the blessings of Ifa in this year

There is a lot of blessings in this year.  Feed your Orisha at home to see the Ire Gbogbo.  Make the necessary sacrifices and follow the warnings of Ifa.


Asodun modun ni awo asodun modun
Asoro moro ni awo asoro moro
Ododun lari orogbo
Ododun lari arusa
Ododun lari omo obi lori a te
Ododun lawo toro ire gbogbo
A koni fi odun eyi sa a se mon
Ase ni ti Edumare.


Orishada would like to greet for this Ifa New Year, the Oba Adedeyeye Enitan Babatunde  Ogunwusi Enitan Ojaja ll Olori Alade gbogbo Oonirisa  Arole Oduduwa , Awoyemi Adisa Monkanrawale Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo, Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa, Ojugbona, Gbogbo Omo Awo and All Egbe Aworeni Family .

May the blessings of Ifa guide and protect you.  Ase oo.

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Arisun Idana Ile Aafin 2017

Posted on 30 May 2017 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Arisun Idana Ile Aafin festival was held on Monday, May 29, 2016 in Ile-Ife. In this festival, the Araba and the elder the Awos must pick the Ewe (leaf) at the Osara Shrine and use it to wash the Ikin and Odu of Oduduwa. These are the Ikin held by the Ooni of Ife.


At night all the Awos and the Chiefs in Ile-Ife, including Lowa, Jaran, and Omirin (Emese) sleep in the palace. In the early morning they feed the Ikin and the Odu of Oduduwa. Also in the morning the Awos will go to Oketase and continue to say iwure over the Ikin and Odu Oduduwa.


Before the procession to the Osara Shrine in the afternoon the elder chiefs met at Oketase.


Following the meeting, the precession began down the streets in the center of Ile-Ife towards the Osara Shrine.


The elder Awos and chiefs continued to the Osara Shrine to pick the Ewe while the rest of the precession and the Ojugbona stopped at the Origi in the Moniki compound. The younger Awos and Ojugbona of Oketase fed the Origi. They said many prayers, recited Odu Ifa, sang and danced.

The precession through the streets ended at the Ooni’s Palace.

That evening the Awos returned to the Ooni’s Palace to feed and pray over the Ikin and Odu of Orunmila.

The singing and dancing of the elder Awos continued throughout the night

The Awo’s stayed in the Ooni’s Palace all night celebrating and chanting adura until the early morning.


Orunmila historically helped Oduduwa feed his Ikin and Odu. During this festival the Araba Agbaye as the representative of Orunmila on Earth helps the Ooni to feed the Ikin and Odu logboje of Oduduwa.

This festival refers to the Egbodo Ooni, which must be performed for the New Year to be ushered in. The Ooni must eat a spiritual yam for the sacrifice to be complete. Five days following the Egbodo Ooni and feeding of Oduduwa’s Ikin and Odu, the Orunmila Babarami Agboniregun festival will take place the Oketase World Ifa Temple .

Oloye Oloriwarefa Owolabi  Aworeni.


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Odun Agbon Osara and Olokun Festival

Posted on 06 May 2017 by Babalawo Aworeni

This festival is the celebration of Osa and Olokun.  The odu Ifa that talks about this festival is Osa Meji.

Refurefu laa dana ehin,tiomitiomi laa gbago difa fun Osara to maa gbegunyo nitori omo. Nje olomo lo laye o,Osara mon komode o.Osara dun juyo olori omi ni yeye.

It was divined for Olokun and Osa. Osa and Olokun are the wives of Oduduwa. During this time only Olokun had money Osa was very poor.   Olokun is the first wife of Oduduwa and did not have any children. Because of her childlessness she advised Oduduwa to marry another wife. This second wife is Osa.


Both Osa and Olokun were told to make the sacrifice. Only Osa made the sacrifice. Osa was the only one to have children and Olokun remained  childless.


During this festival the king calls all his children to wear Agbon and celebrate.  Only Osa had the children and Olokun did not have the children to dance in the festival.



They sing:

olomo loni laye

osara mo ko omode

o oye ye ko oyeko.


Because Olokun didn’t have children she was sad and went to the sea.  THis is why she left Ile-Ife and went to Eko and changed to the ocean.  In the end Orunmila made an extraordinarily large sacrifice for her to have children and at last she had children.


The Agbon festival is celebrated every year and this year was enjoyed and attend by the Araba Agbaye, his children, all the Awos, the Emese, Osara people and their children.


Orishada would like to thank all who  attended this year’s Agbon festival and we look forward to next year’s festivities.

Ododun lari orogbo

Ododun lari arusa

Ododun lari omo obi lori ate

 Ododun la o ma ri lode isalaye

Ododun lawo toro lowo olodumare

Won ko ni fi enikeni sa wa ti o

Gbogbo Eyin Ololufe Orishada Ibanuje koni je ti yin o Ase

Adupe gidigidi lowo gbogbo ololufe wa Ase ye samo odun asamodun semi Ase o.

Oloye Olori Iwarefa/Ihanrefa Owolabi Aworeni.

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Opele: Element of Divination

Posted on 11 November 2015 by Babalawo Aworeni


Opele is one of the elements used to cast an Ifa reading. Orunmila detected Opele by using Ikin Ifa (oke
iponri) to cast the reading, and he is also the one who guides Orunmila on his way. Orunmila woke up in the morning and cast the reading the Odu that came out was Ejiogbe.


Konbi onitaji , Ilebe ko se dipa 

Eru A difa fun Orunmila To fe

Lo fi Owo ra Irerere leru Irere

La jeku irere laaje aja Atokun

Tosa laaje Ori erinla akiikere

To won ni Ife Ooni Oja koja 

Kito oja agbale, Okun to 

Kun kii To kun yemideregbe

Yemideregbe ni oruko taa pe 

Olokun Orunmila ni kanraa 

Nibu Orunmila ni kanraa loro 

Gbogborogbo ni lowo yo ju ori 

Gbogborogbo ni moriwo ope yo 

Ju ogomon lo Igbo kiidi ki 

Iroko ma yori temi yo temi

Yo ni akikodiye ke.
Ifa said that when he gets to the market to buy some items, that he should first put money on something he does not want to buy. When Orunmila got to the market he looked around for the items he wanted to buy, then he remembered the reading he made. He encountered one slave (Irere) who had a limp leg and was handicap.

Orunmila put moneyon the slave. Orunmila originally used Opele as a housekeeper and to clear the bush. Until one day clients who came to visitOrunmila noticed Opele working outside, before they reached Orunmila , Opele started speaking their problems.

Orunmila discovered Opele had knowledge, Opele was once a human being. Orunmila loved himand treated him as he did his own children. Opele stayed in the house and divined for Orunmila’s visitors, but Opele started speaking ill of Orunmila.
Orunmila’s clients and the people started saying that Orunmila didn’t have power, that Opele had more powerthan Orunmila. One day when Orunmila was traveling, Opele was called to the Olofin’s palace to divine. WhileOpele was at the palace he committed a major offense.

When Orunmila returned to the town, Olofin invitedOrunmila to the palace, and he explained all that Opele had done. Orunmila was very angry, and he begged Olofin forgiveness for Opele’s offense. Orunmila did another reading for Olofin, and did a sacrifice for him.
When Orunmila returned back home he called Opele. Opele started to insult Orunmila, so he took the iroke and knocked Opele on the head. Opele broke into eight pieces . Orunmila didn’t want to throw Opele away, so hejoined the pieces together and used him to consult. He has five elements. They are Bone (egun), Cowries (owo eyo), Stone (okuta), Broken plate (awo ti o fo), Snail button (be bere igbin). The five elements of Opele stand for two options:   Ire (good) and Ibi (bad)20151111_222222

Ibo idi Opele

You have to feed Opele, but there is a specific way to feed it. You can feed it during and when you feed Ifa, but you can’t put it on top of Ifa because it is a slave (eru ki ba olu a mi gun opo). You can feed it anytime you want. There are many different types of Opele:Egbere, Agbigba, Akargba ect… Although Opele tells the truth, Ikin is more accurate. Therefore Ikin is used for more important consultations, like initiations.


Awon Opele

Ki ade pe lori , Ki Bata akun pe lese, Ki irukere akun pe lowo, Ki esin oba je oko pe, Baba yee Oonirisa.



Orishada , Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo, Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa, Ojugbona, Gbogbo Omo Awo and All Entire Aworeni Family Congratulate Kabiyesi Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Oguwusi Ojaja II Olori Alade gbogbo Oonirisa  Arole Oduduwa, May your reign bring goodness & prosperity to the land & the entire people of Ife and all Yoruba kingdom and be peaceful Ase ooo.

Oloye Oloriwarefa Awo Ooni Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni.

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Isedaye Omo Tuntun/The Birth of a New Baby

Posted on 03 January 2015 by Babalawo Aworeni


Isedaye Omo Tuntun/The Birth of a New Baby. The spirit of a child comes from Heaven. It is important to ask Ifa at every stage of a person’s life, for instance before one gets married or during the birth of a new baby. The reading for the baby occurs when a baby is born and is very important so that the parents will know the type of child they have. Some children come from heaven with a spirit that doesn’t like noise, or may have a delicate constitution, if this is the case, Ifa advises us on how to be a better parent to these types of children. The first reading of the baby is for the child’s destiny, it is a private matter, usually performed between just the parents and the priest. This is because certain taboos or perceived weakness of the child is not for everyone to hear. Sometimes it will be at the parent’s discretion as to whether or not to tell the child. When the child is older it may be prudent to tell them more about their destiny.

When Ifa tells us the child’s destiny, he may say that the child should be initiated or maybe they shouldn’t eat certain foods, or possibly there is a sickness and a sacrifice should be made. This is for the child’s future and what they are destined to become. Ifa will also tell about the name of the child. Ifa’s name for the child will help the child fulfill their destiny. During the naming ceremony it should be performed in the morning and is when the name is given. The other names of the baby other than the family name should reflect the nature of the pregnancy and the actual birth of the baby.


With regards to the placenta, how it comes out with the baby has a specific meaning also if a child is breach this has a specific name. The tradition surrounding pregnancy, birth, the vital 7 days after the birth and throughout childhood is sacred and there are many rituals surrounding these stages. The rituals involve the first bath of the child, the behavior of the caregiver at birth, what is done with the materials after the first bath, what is done with the placenta, etc.

The Oro Idile, comes from the family compound, where for the first 7-8 days after the birth the mother can only eat certain foods or must exclude certain foods/spices. This too, determines the life of the child. Many times if a parent hasn’t performed the Oro Idile for the child, the child may have a problem later in life or fall sick. The parents may think at that time that someone is attacking them through their child, but that is not the case, the problem originated within the first 7-8 days after the baby was born. Oro Idile is family/compound specific.

Ifa tells us how to be good parents. When the child becomes an adult the parents will disclose the destiny according to what Ifa said to them as a baby and they will take this information into adulthood. The child will know how to conduct themselves in the world, the clothes they should wear, colors they should avoid, taboo foods, etc.

In the Yoruba tradition the people that have children have the world. It is a vital part of the Ifa religion. Every Orisa has many children. According to the source of Ifa in Ile-Ife, a man and woman are to marry and have children. Homosexual relationships are taboo. If a woman is barren this is a different matter.

In this Odu Ifa, Ogbe Osa  Ifa talks about when the people of Ilu Obirin town practiced homosexuality and Olodumare sent Orumila. Orunmila went to war in the town of Ilu Obirin to destroy the town. The town was inhabited by only women and they were brought back to Ile-Ife and taught how to properly conduct their life.


Oloye Oloriwarefa Owolabi  and Iyanifa Awojoke Aworeni – Greets all of the Orishada Community

Happy New Year in the Gregorian Calendar, Ifa will bless and keep us in this new year.

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