God of Warriors

Sapona Obaluaye Olude used the Ewon (chain) to come from heaven to earth, similar to the other Orisha.  Sapona Obaluaye fights in the skies.  Sapona’s attacks are characterized by small pricks that appear all over the victims body.

When Sapona attacks, he will attack  a person in their home.  If someone is in a house that is being attacked by Sapona, they must use Emu for protection.  When Sapona attacks, it is said that he will speak Arabic.  When fighting he cannot touch the ground.  No one defeats Sapona, not even Ogun.  Sapona was initiated to Ifa by Orunmila in the Odu Osa Ogbe.

Sapona  cannot give children but has the power to take them away.  There cannot be any smoke where he is fighting, corn (agbado), or whistling.  He also cannot fight in the rain.

Sapona eats alone.  When feeding him he must be separated from all other Orisa.

Sapona likes to eat Emu, Iyan Agbadu, obuko (male goat), asoro, adalu (beans and corn).

His color is Red, he wears red clothes.  Sapona is said to dress like an Arab, with an Arab head wrap.

Sapona’s taboo is that he cannot share his food.

Many Odu Ifa talk about Sapona.  They include: Osa Ogbe, Edi Ogbe, etc

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