Mother of Children

Out of all the Orisha that came from heaven, Osun is the only female.  Osun used the Ewon (chain) to journey from heaven to earth.  She is the mother of all children and has special powers.

In the origin of the Orisha they required the support of Osun to accomplish their goals.  According to Ose Tura, Osun is the wife of Orunmila.  It is in the Odu Ose Tura (the Odu of Osun), that Orunmila initiates Osun.  She had one child for Orunmila and it was called Osun Tuwa.

If any babalawo makes a sacrifice without first calling Ose Tura the sacrifice will not be successful.

Orunmila taught Osun to divine with the cowries.  Only females divine with cowries.

Osun likes to eat fruit (oranges, sugarcane, Adun), Adie, akara, efo yanrun, ewure, elede, aja, eye etu, obi (5), orogbo (5), and atare (5).  Osun specifically helps women in child birth.

Osun has several taboos that her devotees must adhere to.  They inclue ogi baba, ejo (snake), and eja.

Osun wear white clothes.  The odus that deal with Osun are:

Ose Tura, Iwori Tura, Okanran Tura, Ose Irete

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