Iyaami (Aje)

Igi Iroko

Igi Iroko



League of Powerful Women

Oludumare handed the world to the Iyaami.

They were originally eight in number. They not only have great power, but have extra ordinary powers to communicate. The Iyaami misused this power. They fought with Orunmila and the other Orisha. Orunmila killed six of the original Iyaami, reducing their number to two. The Iyaami use blood like water. They wear black clothes.

In Osa Meji, Orunmila initiated the two remaining Iyaami.

Eyi Kowe, one of the remaining Iyaami, lives in the bush. The town’s people frequently say “Ero Sese,” beseeching Eyi Kowe to “be easy.” If Eyi Kowe doesn’t take it easy, trouble will come swiftly.

The second Iyaami lives at home with the town’s people.

After Orunmila killed the six original Iyaami the remaining two began initiating human beings. Obatala joined the Iyaami and was initiated. Once Obatala initiated to the Iyaami, Orunmila gave him the name: Aje Obatala/Aje Obarisa.

Orunmila divided the Iyaami into 3 groups in Irosun Meji:

White Aje – Belonging to Obatala

Red Aje – Oso

Black Aje – Iyaami

When the Iyaami came from heaven to earth they were all women. However, since they were reduced to 2 by Orunmila, they initiated many (men and women). Orunmila gives the Iyaami much respect. If there is peace on earth it is due to the Iyaami. If there is no peace it is also due to the Iyaami.

Only Orunmila has ever defeated the Iyaami, but he still gives them much honor. Anytime Orunmila wants to divine he must first salute the Iyaami.

Emule is the oath that the Iyaami have taken, that is they see a child of Orunmila, they won’t touch them.

The Iyaami like to eat: Big rat, eggs, eko, liver and kidneys.

The Iyaami can never eat Obo.

All odus speak about the Iyaami

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