Oduduwa the Progenitor of the Yoruba

Oduduwa the Progenitor of the Yoruba

The Father of the Yoruba

Oduduwa is the first Orisha to use the Ewon (chain) to travel from heaven to the earth.  He is the brother of Obatala.  Obatala was first given the task by Olodumare to create the earth, but he did not make the proper sacrifice before embarking on the journey.  As a result Esu placed something in Obatala’s stomach that made him overwhelmingly thirsty.  All Obatala could find to drink was Emu (palm wine).  He drank it down, becoming drunk and fell asleep without completing the task given by Olodumare.  When Olodumare looked and saw Obatala drunk and sleeping, he sent Oduduwa to complete the task.

Oduduwa went to where Obatala was asleep and took from him all the materials needed to create the earth.  Oduduwa procured everything (Atepe (sand), Ewe (herbs), Adeye (cock)) that his brother had except the Ase of Obatala.  Oduduwa then used the Ewon (chain) to descend to earth.

When the world was being created Oga (chameleon) knew well what was taking place.  After 16 days Olodumare sent Oga to check the progress.  Oga saw that there was still very little land and that the earth was mostly water.  As he walked the earth, he hesitated with every step, afraid that is would sink.  Olodumare saw this and proclaimed that the Oga from that day would always hesitate and walk in a halting manner.

Oduduwa eats: Aguntan, rat, and fish.

Orunmila initiated Oduduwa along with Obatala in Irete Ogbe.

The odus that deal heavily with Oduduwa are:

Okanran Owonrin

Eji Ogbe

Oyeku Meji

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