ORIGI, established by Orunmila, Oketase compound. Ile-Ife

ORIGI, established by Orunmila, Oketase compound. Ile-Ife

The God of Knowledge

Orunmila is the god of knowledge.  As it is told, Oludumare sent Orunmila to the earth many years before he sent Obatala and Oduduwa.  During that time the earth was covered with water.  Orunmila spent 400 years on earth without food.  Orunmila opened his mouth once a year and gained nourishment from the air.

After 400 years on earth, Orunmila went back to heaven and met with Oludumare.  Oludumare then sent Obatala and Oduduwa to the earth.  Orunmila gave Oduduwa the cock which was used to create the earth.

After the earth was created, Orunmila returned using the Ewon (chain) to descend from the heavens.  The place on earth where the chain fell and Orunmila set foot was Oke Igeti.

Orunmila lived in Oke Igeti for many years, however the people of Oke Igeti didn’t appreciate Orunmila’s presence.  Orunmila was displeased and prayed for the stunted growth of Oke Igeti, that their compound would always be small.  Before Orunmila left, he placed Origi in Oke Igeti.

After Orunmila left there, he went to Oke Ileri.  At this place like the other, the people didn’t pay proper honor to Orunmila.  Again Orunmila prayed for the stunted growth of their compound, that it would also remain small.  Before Orunmila left he gave the people of Oke Ileri the Orisha Dawo.

Next, Orunmila went the compound Ejio.  The people in the town also didn’t know how to properly appreciate Orunmila.  Orunmila prayed for a limit of 5 years that the Chief could maintain the throne unless the proper sacrifice was made.

After Orunmila left Ejio, he went to Ile Monliki.  The people of Ile Monliki honored Orunmila and he gave them Origi.  He told the people of this compound that they to would have a stunted growth and that they would have a very small compound.

Orunmila left there and traveled to Oketase.  When Orunmila arrived at Oketase the people were prepared for his arrival.  They danced, drummed, and sang his praises.  Orunmila was happy and made Oketase his home.  Orunmila became the leader of Oketase.

Igi Ope at Oketase

Igi Ope at Oketase

Since the Ope (palm tree) was the one responsible for taking Orunmila to all the different compounds, Orunmila rewarded him.  Orunmila prayed that all the things on the body of Ope would become money.  The Ikin, Ewo (palm wine), Epo (palm oil), the broom, Adin (black oil), Adiabo (cream), etc.

Orunmila has knowledge, this is why he became the leader of Oketase.  Orunmila used the Ikin, the Opele, the Opon Fa and the Iroke Ifa as elements to divine Ifa.

Ifa is a word that came from the mouth of Orunmila.  By the grace of Oludumare, Orunmila created Ifa.  Orunmila used Ifa to assist human beings negotiate their life on earth.  Orunmila has many wives and many children on earth and in heaven.

Orunmila has many omo Awos.  Orunmila initiated all of the Orisa to Ifa.  Orunmila separated all of the beads and assigned them to their owners.  This is why the Araba can wear any beads.  Orunmila is very unique and stands alone among the Orisha.

The Araba Agbaye is the representative of Orunmila on earth and only comes from Oketase.  Orunmila stated that all people should come to Oketase to worship Orunmila.  In June the world Ifa festival is held in Oketase.  All of the world comes at this time to witness the annual divination using the Ikin of Orunmila.

Another name for Orunmila is: Baramiagbonmiregun

Orunmila’s taboos are:  Big rat, Eyin (the skin around the Ikin), Rainwater

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