World Ifa Festival 2011

Posted on 05 June 2011 by Babalawo Owolabi



The Orunmila Barami Agbonmiregun, the World Ifa Festival was held Saturday June 4-5, 2011 at Oketase the World Ifa Temple, Ile-Ife. This festival celebrates the New Year for all the traditional Yoruba practitioners.

This year’s World Ifa festival was attended by many from within Nigeria as well as from all over the world. The rituals began in the early morning and continued into the following day.

The Ifa Divination for all Ifa practitioners worldwide is as follows:

OBARA OGUNDA; OBARA EGUNTAN – IRE GBOGBO (Ifa takes all aspects of Ire)
This is a good odu for all Ifa practitioners, Ifa has given special warnings and advice for this year. In Obara Eguntan, Ifa says that in this year all the people should use cock to feed their head. The individual should make the sacrifice so that they will be pregnant and will have good health and fortune during the pregnancy. All the women that are looking for pregnancy in this year will have it. Men should make the sacrifice for their wife in this respect. In this year the knife will not be used to deliver the baby. All babies will be delivered through natural means.
Ifa says that the boy child will be born in this year and he will bear the name Ifadeyi. We must make the sacrifice for all of our children this year so that they will not fight with their elders.
Ifa says it is taboo in this year to be greedy. A large sacrifice must be made for the house help, for those working in the home or the family that is living in the home, so that they will not create danger in the household. Ifa says we should feed the head of the home helpers and the extended family in the home.
It is not good in this year to work deceptively at someone’s back to be subversive in one’s actions. It is not good to tell lies in this year.
A large sacrifice must be made because of the Egun, so that we will have a curse on our head. An ancestor that perpetrated a terrible thing was cursed and as a result his descendants were also cursed. Because of this all Ifa practitioners must make a sacrifice to ameliorate this condition.
In this year all those who are initiated to Ifa and other Orisa will see blessings. Aje (money) must be fed because of the money that is coming in this year. The Erinlele must be feed with agbo (ram). One should not use force to collect money. Those that use force to collect money will lose their life. Be very careful about using powerful rituals for money, it will end badly in this year.  In this year we should not do things only because of money. Whether the thing is good or is false, the sole purpose in doing it should not be because of money.
In this year we must solve our grievances with one another and should not be angry. We should not fight amongst ourselves. Do not hold grudges or act passive aggressively. One should be direct and resolve differences. However, Ifa also says we should not tolerate nonsense.

Ifa says to all the Olorisa that in this year they must initiate to Ifa. In general we must be diligent in taking care of our Ifa. Take care of Ifa on every Ose Ifa and take care of our Orisa.
Ifa also says that all the babalawo, iyanifa, etc. should not be promiscuous and be careful who we have sex with. One should not take another’s wife or husband. The Oluwo should be careful about the female. What is done in private will leak out. If an Elder wants to curse, the Omo Awo should beg them to hold themselves. Beg the Elder to not be upset and not to curse.
All Ifa practitioners will see a promotion in their life this year. Ifa says that all the Omo Awo should be humble to their Oluwo. A big sacrifice should be made so that all the Awo will have good relationships. It is important that the Omo Awo make the sacrifice so that Ifa will teach them in their dreams.
Ifa says that others will not collect our blessings in this year. All the children that have left their home will come back to their parents. The blessings will come back home in this year. Our head will show us the right and prosperous path. Specifically those that are initiated to Ifa will see these blessings. If our head is good, then by this time next year we will see much prosperity. Because of the sacrifice that we are to make for our Ori this year, one should not carry heavy loads on their head in this year.
Ifa says that whatever his worshipers ask for in this year, he will do it. The Ifa devotee should sacrifice what is in their mind for Ifa this year. The Ifa devotee will live long and all disease will leave their body. All good babalawos will see good blessings in this year. All babalawo should make the sacrifice for their wife and children so that they will not see problems.
Ifa says that we should make the sacrifice to defeat all of our enemies. Ifa says that we should feed Moremi so that she will defeat all of our enemies. One should travel to the Moremi shrine in Ile-Ife to feed her. Ifa says the sacrifice should be carried to Ilamonja – Igbo Moremi. The sacrifice is 16 ogede omirin.
Ifa also gives all the Ifa practitioners the warnings to not use their mouth to curse. The Ifa devotee should not be too prideful and must show humility.
Ifa says that we should keep our homes neat and orderly. We should keep our clothes clean and well kept. One should not wear dirty clothes in this year.
16 Abe and the blood of the agbo should be used in the sacrifice for this year. The sacrifice should also be made so that those that are trying to send the babalawo out will fail in their plans. So that the hand they use to hurt the Ifa devotee will only be used to hurt themselves.

1. Ko ba lemi lo ninu sasa
Ma sa lo fun o ninu sasa
Ko ba lemi lo ninu perepere koto odo
Ma sa lo fun o ni gegele sa o sa o
A difa fun Aje {money} to gba eru ni ikole orun
Bo wale aye won ki orubo meji ebo iyi ati ebo egun
Ebo iyi nikan loru ko rubo egun.

2. Obara eguntan
Ifa mo ni egun ku seyin
Barami agbonmiregun
A difa fun ni Agbagba ife mefa ni ojo ti won ba egun su
Ti won ba egun ji won fi eji keta won gba oko awo lo
Awon babalawo so fun won ki rubo
ki won si gba lo igbo ilamonja (igbo moremi).

3. Obara eguntan
Ifa mo ni egun ku seyin
Barami agbonmiregun
A difa fun Oni wakawaka ti se bale odo
Ni ojo ti won fe le ko kuro lori oye
Won ki orubo oniwakawaka rubo
O seun o segun gbogbo ota re.

This year Orishada would like to thank Oba Okunade Sijuwade Olubuse ll Olori Alade gbogbo Oonirisa  Arole Oduduwa , Awoyemi Adisa Monkanrawale Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo,Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa,Ojugbona,Gbogbo Omo Awo. 

Aseyi Samodun A se Amodun Semi Odundun Lawo toro lowo
Olodumare ani fi odun yi se asemo Ase oooo.

11 Comments For This Post

  1. Obaekun Idowu-Fagbohun Says:

    Aboru aboye
    Iba Araba Agbaye
    Ese mo dupe o
    Olodumare ati Orunmila agbe wa ooo

  2. Ifagbenusola Aworeni Says:

    Òrunmìlà boru boye o
    Ayò púpò lóójó ìbí re àsè yí s’àmódún..
    Kaabo Òbàrà’Eguntan
    Ìbá Òbàrà’Ògúndá
    Bíbáyò a ti àwúre Bábálawo Owolabi Aworeni
    We from South America [Brazil] tell you Bàbá thank you for kindly post the Odù to the new year.
    O dabo a ti mo dupé

  3. Otun Iyalode Awo Agbaye (Valerie Stephenson Lee Chee) Says:

    Adupe o! Thank you for the prompt information. We in Trinidad appreciate it. Greetings to our beloved Baba Araba Adisa Monkaranwale and the entire family in Ile-Ife.May the blessings of Ifa continue to be with us all. E ku Odun o!

  4. Ifaseesin Aworeni Says:

    Mo Dupe for the quick response to the Odu Obara Eguntan.May the blessing of Olodumare’s richess blessings continue to enfold us.Long life health and strenght to my Olowo”Araba Awoyemi Aworeni Adisa Mokoranwale Isese Agbaye”on this festive occassion,and all those that have laboured to make this another grand event.With this in mind,I am kindly asking for an Ese or two from this Odu,which gives support to the verses(stories)Mo Dupe lopo lopo in advance.Asee oooo…..

  5. Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi Says:

    Aboru, Aboye, Abosise, Eku se Odun Modupe pupo for this wonderful message and celebration for this year. Ire Yeye Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi

  6. Oloye Igbo Iyalase Says:

    Eku odun Modupe pupo to all those who have worked on our behalf to bring the blessings of Ifa to us. May all of you along with your families and homes enjoy all the blessings in life. Happy New Year!

  7. Omirefa Ifamokumi Aworeni (Darren Robinson) Says:

    Eku odun o! Modupe to all, may olodumare, the orisa and the ancestors continue to bless and guide us all.

  8. Oloye Orawale Oranfe Says:

    A seyi Samodun! E ku Odun! Adupe to all in Ile – Ife who have mainted the tradition of our Ancient Ancestors. The tradition is growing , expanding and taking roots. This year at least five groups in Ile – Iere – Republic Trinidad & Tobago kept vigil in memory of our firstvigil that we kept with Araba Agbaye Adisa Mokanranwale Aworeni several years ago. On behalf of all of us I extend blessings and greetings for long life with good health to Araba Agbaye and all of Chief/ Priests , Elders and family in Ile Ife.

  9. jesus sanchez Says:

    Aboru aboye oluwo awolabi, mis gracias desde venezuela por tan importante consejo y orientacion.

    Atte: akinyodee

  10. okunoba Says:

    adupe lowo awon agba ti won je ka gbagbe asa ibile, ifa a gbewa o, edumare yo yewasi. Thanks to the elders who have kept the tradition of ifa going, may the almighty keep on blessing us all. ASHE

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