Solving Problems through Ebo (Etutu)

Posted on 09 January 2011 by Babalawo Aworeni

Ebo is the child of Orunmila.  Orunmila created Ebo to this Earth to solve the problems of human beings.  People on earth use Ebo not only to solve problems but to alleviate suffering.  After the sacrifice (etutu) is made a Babalawo will consult Ifa to ensure that it is carried to the proper place.  Ebo will then invite Esu who will then take the etutu to heaven where it will be accepted.  In this way it is not only the prayers that are answered but problems are resolved and suffering alleviated.

It is important that Ebo is prepared correctly otherwise the problem may not be solved.  If Ebo is prepared correctly and the instructions of Ifa followed there is no problem Ebo cannot solve.

There is not a certain time period for the power of Ebo to work.  In the olden days one used to hide and watch to “see” if the Ebo had been accepted.  However, now in modern times this cannot be done.  A good babalawo will know how to check after the Ebo has been set to “see” that it has been accepted without “watching.”

Ebo is working with many things in this world.  Ebo is working closely with the Iyami and Esu.  The entity that Ebo works with depends on what is prescribed by Ifa.  For example, Ifa may ask Ebo to work with Obatala or Obaluaye.

There are many different types of Ebo.  There is Ebo for Esu, for Ogun, there is Ebo for blessings, money or love.  There is also Ebo that will cause problems for an adversary. Ebo works with an individual spirit. There are positive and negative aspects to Ebo.

Ebo has its own time and it is for a practiced babalawo to divine correctly.  Some Ebo must be carried in the morning, some in the afternoon and some at midnight.  Some Ebo cannot be seen by the eyes.  Some times the same Ebo must be made periodically.

Every Ifa priest must make Ebo.  Ebo is the most important tool for a babalawo.  Any person that worships Orisa or any Irunmole must make Ebo.

Ebo is very powerful and useful for human beings.  Every Odu Ifa speaks about Ebo.  Ebo can be made for every Odu, in this way there is no problem that cannot be solved using Ebo. would like greet all Orishada readers for the Gregorian calender New Year.

Please contact us at if you are in need of Ifa Divination or  would like more details about Ebo.

Check soon for our next post on Oogun the child of Osanyin.

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  1. babalawo ifayemi aworeni Says:

    abrou aboiye baba muinto obrigado ,por esas explicaçoes elas nos ajudan muinto, seria muinto bom que sempre tivese eses coemntarios e encimanetos a todos ase abrou aboiye baba ase ireoooooooo

  2. babalawo ifayemi aworeni Says:

    baba osenhor pdoeria colocar uam nota sobre ebos riru e ebo adabo , metodo, de como realizar, pois asin exclareceria muinto as nossas duvidas sobre o assunto, e metodo de jogo de opeleobrigado epla compriençao ase ireoooooooo, aboru baoiye baba araba e atodos os mais velho ase ase

  3. oyeyemi Says:

    I have a questions about EBO.
    I want to know how it can be useful for me.i was told abt IFA by a friend and only know little about ifa but am open to it .how to i get more information about it?

  4. ifasola adeosun Says:

    want to come to nigeria to study to complete my ifa training, how much?

  5. Awotunbi Ifasanmi Says:

    Aboru Aboye Owolabi and thank you for your support!!!

  6. Kareem Akeem Says:

    When is the next ifa day coming up. I would like to come there,pls let me in time so as to schedule my program.

  7. michael idowu ogunyemi Says:

    ela boru o.what is ororun ie pipa obi fun ifa,ifa bibo and individua odun if.please i need an indept know knowledgeto be able to handle my ifa as it suppose to be.Thank so much.Adura a gba,Ajuse fun wa o.

  8. liosbel Says:

    hola yo soy babalawo mi odun,es otura myi y me gustaria saber cual es el eshu,que habla en este signo si me pudiera dar una razon de esto se lo agradeceria,o como puedo hacer para saberlo,saludos,oluo

  9. Bankole Banjo Says:

    Yes, I would like to know how much it will cost to come to Nigeria for a full Ifa Ceremony. It’s my understanding that this will be followed up with serious intensive learning and pracicing to be an authentic Priest.
    My second question is, how long will the initiation and teaching take, at the initial on set of this training.

  10. Nabatanzi shakila Says:

    Hi my names are shakila, iam a ugandan 27 years , i have been longing to get marriade but failed, recently my freind dreamt about me when i was putting on the Ebo eye wedding ring. plz am not anigerian , how is that i was putting on that ring, i have never gone to nigeria an di don’t have a friend who is a nigerian,plz help me am married to that spirit or what.
    Plz i will be glade to hear from u. contact me on

  11. Damon Underwood Says:

    This article on Ebo was wonderful! It just explained so well how significant Ebo is to all of us. I will come back to this website on the regular now. May Olodumare bless all of the persons responsible for bringing this site forth!

  12. OLATUBOSUN E O Says:


  13. Ajadi oyediran Says:

    Why is it that some ebo are not accepted by the power that be after it has bbeen exactly prescribeb by babalawo?

  14. Ajadi oyediran Says:

    Why is it that some ebo are not accepted by the power that be after it has been exactly prescribed by babalawo?

  15. Ifailu Says:

    @liosbel. El Eshu de Otura Meyi se llama Agogo.

  16. NE Says:

    I’m a fellow Nigerian but I live in Canada.
    My final marks just came out for this semester and they were’nt good. Because of this I may not be able to get into university.
    Could you please help me?
    I’ll do anything.

  17. omolaye Says:

    Iboru, iboya, ibosise,
    To all those seeking to learn of Ifa, of Odu, of orisha, initiated or not, you must start with yourselves. This is a way of life! This is the way of life. It is a way of life in which our ancestors must give blessing to our undertaking for it to be carried out. Where we must praise and apease Esu so that he make keep gbogbo araye, ajogun, the forces of the left hand side, the negativity present in our lives, from standing in our way. Where we must praise orisha for their blessing and learn to live in balance with the world that they have given us. Talk to your eggun, talk to esu, and tell “them” that you need guidance. Guidance from orun and guidance here on the earth. Orisa will provide. Ase Esu

  18. currency pairs Says:

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    He used to be totally right. This post truly made my day.
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