Odun Ilefin Araba Agbaye 2010

Posted on 24 June 2010 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Odun Elefin festival for the Araba Agbaye was held Tuesday, June 22, 2010. This is the festival of Orunmila where the Araba Agbaye will pray for all Ifa devotees. During the celebration the Araba became the Ekun Orisa, where he symbolically transformed into a leopard. The symbol of the leopard can only be represented by the Araba Agbaye.

Mo po ju wo eyin kin ri oba Araba da amotekun odese odieranko abifinlara

This proverb is for the Araba Agbaye and says to look back to see the King, the Araba has turned into the leopard.

The Araba and all the people gather proceed to the Ooni’s Palace. On the way to the Palace the Araba and all the Awo do¬† many spiritual rituals.

All the Ojugbona sing and chant adura at the Palace. All the Awoolodumerindinlogun consulted Ifa when at the palace. Then they went to the Araba Agbaye and recited the Odu that fell. Because of the secret nature of the true consultation, all the Awoolodumerindinlogun when asked by the Araba in public they replied Eji Ogbe, Ire Aje, etc.

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