Elements of Ifa Part IV: Odu Ifa

Posted on 07 April 2010 by Babalawo Aworeni

Igi Ope at Oketase

Odu Ifa is an element that comes from the heavens and is used by Orunmila to assist human beings in their daily lives.  There are 256 Odu with 16 major Odu (Ojudumerindinlogun).  The remaining minor Odu are called Amulu.

When Odu was still in the heavens, Ofun Meji was their elder.  All the Odu gathered in the heavens to discuss coming to earth, however Ofun Meji wasn’t ready to leave heaven at that time.  In heaven Eji Ogbe was the youngest, however it was Eji Ogbe that came to earth first followed by Oyeku Meji, then Iwori Meji, Edi Meji, Obara Meji, Okanran Meji, Irosun Meji, Owonrin Meji, Ogunda Meji, Osa Meji, Irete Meji, Etura Meji, Eturopon Meji, Ika Meji Ose Meji, followed lastly by Ofun Meji.

Upon reaching the earth Ofun Meji began fighting the younger Odu in an attempt to regain the position that he held in the heavens.  He fought and defeated Ose Meji, Ika Meji, Etura Meji, Irete Meji, Osa Meji and Ogunda Meji.  When he fought Owonrin Meji there was no winner.  To this day no one knows the elder between Owonrin Meji and Ofun Meji.

The 16 Major Odu Ifa in Ile-Ife are as follows:

Eji Ogbe     Oyeku Meji     Iwori Meji     Edi Meji     Obara Meji    Okanran Meji

Irosun Meji     Owonrin Meji     Ogunda Meji     Osa Meji     Irete Meji

Etura Meji     Eturupon Meji     Ika Meji     Ose Meji     Ofun Meji

If you would like to have a full explanation of your personal Odu, complete with taboos please contact us at:  orishada@gmail.com

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  1. Ifasina Ojewale Says:

    Iknow there is a slightly different order in the Odu used in Oyo verses the the one you use in Ile Ife how did this come about.

  2. CARLOS Says:


  3. Orílànà Aworeni Says:

    Aború Aboye!

    Could you tell me about my Odu’fá and their taboos? You know my odu, there is no need to mention it here. I have in Iré Aikú.

    Thank you very much!

  4. ayobami Says:

    i want to know if i can be a member of your believe but am not a babalawo am just a historian, and i have much interest in Africa and yoruba culture



  6. daniel eduardo Says:

    aboru aboya abosise, saludos a la familia aworeni, deseandole ire gbogbo.
    tengo como odu ogbe irete (ogbe ate), quisiera tener orientación de su parte y tabú (ewoo).

    gracias por su aporte.

  7. ifa bambola Says:

    mi odu es obara ka ibi ofun mi ita es ogunda kaaran ibi ofo mis ebboces fueron aldimus a mi baba fallecido ya desconozco mis tabues. De verdad orumila me trajo a esta pagina ayudenme gracias

  8. rafael centeno Says:

    aim babalawoto initiated in nigeria the master fagbemi ajanaku i will like to obtain ekin ifa fo 4 initiation and for opon ifa big and oriki for ifa initiation ebo riru mi odu ifa is ogbe otura mi name ifa igbabatumila i wii appreciate infor me the cost the ifa material inckuding shipin and handlin thanking you in advance oluwo ifagbatumila iboru iboya ibosise

  9. Chief Fa'ola Says:

    Daniel Eduardo, Ogbe Ate:
    Ifá asegura que no morirá jóven. Ifá dice que si la muerte tratara de arrebatarle a sus contemporáneos, esta persona se salvará de la muerte prematura. Ifá dice que esta persona se enfrenta a constantes ataques, a causa de su veracidad; Ifá dice que la gente que planee mal contra el no lo logrará y que vivirá para contar la historia.
    Ifá aconseja ofrecer ebo con un chivo maduro y dinero. También tiene que traer una de sus ropas harapientas, un trapo, y algunas hojas secas del árbol de plátano. Cuando el ebo se ofrezca se usarán las hojas de plátano y trapos para colocarlo en el santuario de Esu y quitar el trapo y las hojas secas de plátano y colocarlos en la parte superior del santuario de Esu. Toda la ropa ofrecida también se le colocará a Esu antes de que la persona regrese con el awo para terminar el ebo riru.
    Aboru, Aboye, Abosise.

  10. oluwo temitayo odugbemi Says:

    I would like to have a full explanation of my ODU Irete Kanron ,thank you.

  11. OBARAWILL Says:

    please what does it mean for one to se”ifa.i was told by an islamic alfa to do this so as to ensure maximum prosperity and happiness in life ,but i happen to come from a christian background.i need more clarification and a genuine BABALAWO to ascertain this revelation.i am open minded enough to accept whatever you profer.
    Thanks alot for your advise and benevolence.

  12. jemeel oyegunle Says:

    Aboru aboye o baba. Odu ifa mi ni ire ntegbe.Baba edakun dabo mo fe oriki re. Ogbo a to o. Orunmila a gbe wa sir o. Ase o.

  13. carlos Says:

    hello, i want information of my odu(ofun meyi) thanks

  14. rafael velez Says:

    I made ifa in cuba with ofun meji, my odu is oshe cana and after I made ifa nobady had anserds for my odu, I made ifa in 1998 and never have the onor of work with ifa,I need to know wy babalaws do not know abaut oshe cana,I need to know my odu


    I was introduced to Tajudeen Opeodu back in 1990 and went on to be read in Ifa and came to possess as a result esu,ogun,Ifa(17 ikin)and also initiated to Ancestral Lineage of Africa,which I must complete in Nigeria,all here in the U.S.Igbaye,Opeodu passed to ancestor and I was finally able to travel to Nigeria and met a babalawo Aberefa,Awise of Iragbiji wqho read my ifa and fed it at his odun ifa.It came out ogbe meji,I received esu,opele and was told I needed now to go to Igbodu.this was 7 to 8 years ago and I have not been able to afford to return to Nigeria.I have fathered 2 sets of twins (now adults)among other children and finances are always an issue.I need to have my odu fully explained and ask where do i stand in this tradition and what must i do now.

  16. rafael cententeno Says:

    iam babalawo to initited in nigeria in 1966i will explain ceremonia ebo esu and opele

  17. Ifalami Says:

    My Dear Rafel Velez its sad that you have never had the Honor of working with Ifa, and even more sad that you feel that nobody has been able to speak to you about your Ifa OSE Okanran if I am correct in understanding. One thing that you must disclosed to the Babalawos when you ask a question about your IFA Odu is that you must reveal all the Odu that belong to you Ifa as they all speak and confirm either negative or positive who you are and what your destiny is to develop. many of us want to know about who we are but the disclosure must be complete. I will suggest that you have an special private conversation with The Orishada Babalawos in order for you to get the proper answers to who you are. Remember that each Odu has many paths that always leeds them to the man pataki, it all depends as I already told you of disclosure.

  18. maria Says:

    I will like to know about Ogunda Meji and Otura Sa.

    Also, are there restrictions on creating a temple of IFA in the US? I have been seeking knowledge (true knowledge) but it seems babalawos keep the information to themselves so that the godsons/daughters stay ignorant to what is true and what is false so that they are dependable of them. I find this fustrating, specially as i go and consult and the signs come out but all i hear is that everything is good and not to worry about it. just recently i asked my godfather to write me the sign that came out which was irete meji so that i can read about it and he commented it was not necessary for me to do so. i just feel sometimes that i’m alone and always searching for the truth on the web many sites and trying to compare

  19. Kareem Akeem Says:

    Pls how can i recognise the real nd consistent babalawo,av being convince about the ifa priest,and i have a lot to discuss with the real one, have being dup time without number.

  20. OLATUBOSUN E O Says:

    i want to know detail and taboo about my odu ifa-OSAWONRIN

  21. OLATUBOSUN E O Says:


  22. olajide Says:

    what its going to take me to learn odu ifa

  23. Currency imota Says:

    Aboruboye! Aboyebosise! I’m proud to be an african man. U’ve done a great job. Isese agbe wa o. I wish to know much about the taboos.

  24. olu Says:

    i will like to knows dos and dont of oyeku meji with its oriki.

  25. Bukola Says:

    Aboru Aboye ooo. I will like to know what Odu Iyemeja means. I heard it in my dreams three time. And how do I know the Odu that revolves around my birth. Hope you talk soon

  26. Fatunla Says:

    I want to know my odu Ifa,My name is Fatunla

  27. Tunde Says:

    Pls, i desperately want to know about my odu ifa. My odu ifa is IDI ATAGO. I wld lov to knw vry much about this. The do’s n dont. Ifa agbe wa oo

  28. Rilwan Alesh Says:

    Aboru! Aboye! Bosise!
    Pls can i knw d odu dat revolves my birth with out going to igbodu?
    I av ifa bt av nt taken it to igbodu. I also want to knw d benefit of isefa.
    Thanks siq

  29. Rilwan Alesh Says:

    Aboru! Aboye! Bosise!
    Pls can i knw d odu dat revolves my birth with out going to igbodu?
    I av ifa bt av nt taken it to igbodu. I also want to knw d benefit of isefa.
    Thanks sir

  30. ishola arowolo Says:

    Pls I want to know my own ifa and I will really appreciate it if u can shed more light on ose meji for me

  31. Mufutau Says:

    Pls i would like to know my personal odu

  32. Damian Morando Says:

    i would like to know more on ogbe meji, im new to this but it was the last thing that came up on my reading.


  33. Omisaki Says:

    Alaafia. This is Omisakin Ilesanmin Ogunkeye. The Odu that came for me was Obara Etura. Could you give an explanation for this Combined Odu? Adupe.

  34. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    If you want your odu ifa explanation no problem you can contact me through the orishada email address .

  35. luis mujica Says:

    buenos dias por favor me puede dar una explicacio de mi odu de ifa es:odi owonrin


    I want more explaination of my odu ogundameji pls reoly my email address back

  37. Ogbeni omoniyi Says:

    Am so pleased to read about ifa here but please how can i know more about it then am hearing people say ‘se ifa, igbodu’what does it mean sir

  38. Raman lukman Says:

    Pls sir, i want to no more about my odu an its taboo. OGUNDABEDE. THANKS. ABORUBOYE OOOO!.

  39. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Thanks you for visit http://www.orishada.com website you can contact us direct through this email address: Orishada@gmail.com

  40. ifa yinka Says:

    Aborboye oooh! Pls I want to know much about my odu, IDI + OSA= IDISA; What are the necessary step that re require for the Ifa after coming out from igbodu, lastly, what is the relation between Orunmila nd the witch craft? Hw did Orunmila conquer the witch crafy then; thanks so much I will really appreciate this nd hope to hear from u soonest



  42. Babatunde taiwo Says:

    pls i need to be hook up with correct ifa priest because i was told to have one . more also my father is babalawo . that has ifa call ose itura but i want to do my own seperately.thanks

  43. my name is adekunle lookman ladipo Says:

    Please sir,aboru boye o baba,i just want to known my odu ifa and the oriki sir .i just developed interest in it and i want known my origin.i will be delighted if you help me ,thanks

  44. Mukaila Alabi Says:

    I want to knw more about my Odu irete Osa pls Sir

  45. Gbenga Says:

    Aboru boye o, please i will like to know my odu i will be very happy if u can help me out thanks

  46. seun Says:

    Aboru aboye .. hello sir I’ll like to know about the do and dont of Otura Ogbe(otura orire)



  48. Lekan Odusina Says:

    Mojubà akóda & asèda ifa olókun asòròdáyò.

    Aboru, aboye, abosise.

    please sir/ma, how can i get my Ifa (oiyeku meji) to start working for my life from now on after 10years of having it and preserving it with necessary requirment. What are my incantations/oriki to activate the happiness & blessing power in it. I need to make it real big this year, ifa te oju mo mi wo mi ire, ase. Thanks ifa a gbe gbogbo wa o, Ase.

  49. OLA Says:

    i will like to know more about my odu and the taboo …Ogunda Meji

  50. Olujimi Olasupo Says:

    i want to know more on my ODU IFA that born me (IRETE MEJI). since i was engage myself in this ifa ritual have not see a change as the peoples said. please i will like to know the cause of the matter since five and half of the years now. ABORU BOYE OOOO.

  51. Usman adebayo kabir Says:

    Pls, i so much interested in ejiogbe, oriki ati eewo re.

  52. Jimmy Says:

    Good day sir,I want to the taboo of my ifa (otura ose)and how to pray to it…

  53. Olanrewaju Olurotimi Falola Says:

    Pls how do i know my Odu Ifa that brougth me into this world and the taboos that surround it. I want to be happy and also be prosperous in this life. Thank you!

  54. Kolawole Says:

    Abooru boye oooo…. Baba mi, ejowo, ko i tipe ti mo wo igbodu, oruko ifa mi sini IRETE-OGBE….
    Ejowo, e so oriki ati gbogbo nkan tio wa ninu odu yi fun mi, nitoripe emi naa fe laa, mo fe bawon se aseyori ninu odun tin bo lona yi ooo….. Ona abayo ni mo un wa oooo…..
    Ogbo ato oooo, isese a gbe wa ooo

  55. olaolu Says:

    Pls i have a dream that I went to consult ifa in my dream it was not clear to me my odu but I see d eji ogbe clearly but I dont know how to type it here plz can I have ur number to explain better thanks

  56. Adebola Says:

    I will like to know my odua ifa and it’s complete meaning.

  57. UMAR Says:

    please is eji ogbe a human being or a spirit.

  58. adetola.gbenro@gmail.com Says:

    Good morning sir, Please sir I will like to know more about each of the 16 major odu ifa. I will like to know all the relationship between them and how they link with each other. I will also like to know their meaning in English and how it can affect us in our lives today. Thank you very much sir. I await your reply.


    I like to have full explanation of my personal Odu,complete with taboos

  60. A delaying rafiu Says:

    my personal
    Odu,complete with taboos I will like to receive thanks

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