Araba Agbaye: A Message to Ifa Practitioners

Posted on 05 February 2010 by Babalawo Aworeni

Aboru Aboye,

The Araba Agbaye has released the following statement:

I Araba Aworeni Awoyemi Adisa do not permit the unauthorized use of my name, image, or words to be used. Anything having to do with my name must be authorized by me especially when used to gain notoriety or money by the user.

It has come to the Araba Agbaye’s attention via the World Wide Web or internet that his name is being used as a means to gain money and notoriety. The Araba Agbaye has neither divined, given ebo instructions or authorized this to be done on his behalf in Venezuela. The advertisement of these services is false and is being done without his authorization.

Ake ko kumo enikokan

Ika kumo eniyan

Bi eniyan ba yo leda

ohun gangan a ma yo won se

A difa fun etutu ti se omo

Ikofa orunmila ni ojo to ba ni aya sun

Iro ti lo

Otito ti de o


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  1. Orílànà Aworeni Says:


    Baba Araba, should have sent this message last time, as hundreds of people have been swindled in Venezuela by a person who used the name of Ile-Ife and Baba Araba, with the sole purpose of gaining money and prestige without the slightest practical knowledge of the Yoruba.

    Do not let this person in Venezuela, continue to use your name to deceive others and gain prestige and money.

    Àború Àboyè O!

  2. Obara Oloba Says:

    Aboru, Aboye, Abosese.
    unfortunately, there are a lot of people from Venezuela, and mostly from Caracas, that has been manipulated under a false divine Ifa announcement supposedly coming from Araba Agbaye Aworeni Awoyemí Adisa.Hundreds of incautious Venezuelan traditional Ifa followers have been dealing with a misfortune odu recently checked out by Araba Agbaye to Venezuelan traditional Ifa religious from Egbe Orisa Oko. BTW, I would really like to make a main request to Baba Araba. As far as i understand, Araba Agbaye is a divine Ifa title that means “The Great Spiritual Ifa Guidance to our planet earth” He is suppose to be an Ifa guide to every traditional ifa follower on this whole world. Araba Agbaye is NOT an exclusive chief Ifa practitioner available to one related “chief” who claims to have Baba araba’s blessing to himself only. In my humble opinion, Baba Araba is a guide to all traditional Ifa followers from Venezuela, even to those religious currently away from Egbe Orisa Oko.
    I would like to read Baba Araba AGBAYE’ statement regarding to this matter i have already pointed out.
    I’m grateful for you kindly attention.
    Respectfully to Baba araba Agbaye
    aboru, aboye, abosese

  3. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Aboru Aboye,
    Thank you for writing and commenting on this very important subject. This post is not solely directed at the situation in Venezuela where a false divination and false ebo is being perpetrated in the name of the Araba Agbaye, but it is directly at all those that use the name of the Araba online and in their Iles without first receiving permission. The Araba Agbaye is the representative of Orunmila on earth and is the spiritual leader of all babalawos. He is not exclusive to any one chief that has received a title from Ile-Ife. He is available to any Ifa follower that is in need. This is one of the reasons for the establishment of this website, to help dispel rumors, falsehoods, and to provide truth and correct information to all that seek it, not just those that make the journey to Ile-Ife, the Source.
    Again we appreciate you for joining in the discussion and we pray for Ifa to guide and protect you on your journey.

    Ase o,

    Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni

  4. luis antonio reyes Says:

    Mr. araba, in the name of a great group of people of Venezuela we requested that please he very clarifies or to the present in Venezuela with respect to the house of edibere and so egbe to him orisaoko, they say to be totally under his responsibility who do so all what ile ife by order hers, now a pile of people we are offended yet its evil to come and breadfruit the only people in charge of all the bad one you are and your son ogunda irete, and lava its hands saying that certifico you that in egbe orisaoko everything becomes or, now the responsibility of the delivery of iyami, are fault of your son the responsibility of the delivery of oduduwa is hers, now the responsibility of unfounded ori virtual is fault hers, now the responsibility of the ceremonies without river is fault of its son Sir araba until cradled please stops east swindler, who has made fun of of the religion and us, stops this bad man whom yoruba distorts to the culture, I request it reacts writes an official notice where you you clean such responsibility that throws to him of ceremonies, like you permitio that profited from a magazine with the cover hers digame paid to him by this? I assume that no! if profit and I place to you in the cover like diciedo that all the writing is guaranteed there perfect for you, Mr. araba the truth please is certain that in Africa the iyeroso is used to do oriki and meji daily with kola is called and the iyeroso eats? otherwise we must denounce this changing of the culture so that not only it indicates to us if that I publish that without being certificate, Mr. did not plow please ayudenos, helps Venezuela since this man to name his has done and to said each thing that the people create to him, all the bad one nowadays who this ebge orisaoko is responsibility of you cannot be that is the answers that this gentleman edibere us of, which misfortune that to Venezuela I enter this worthless object that after to have lived on the diaspora now the repudie, is not possible that it profits saying this man who is 27 years old when deberia not to count the 20 of the diaspora, lying that he is what is vile a lying one, swindler, I begin there so that I saw his imajen if no, I do not do it so that she is difficult to be in an area where almost all the people who estan working for are delinquent assassins and who regenerated by God, please to leave this swindler must exist some part of Africa where we pruned to denounce this thief please where? we finish in one go with this lie, we are a group that there are lost everything while one fills of our money, like is possible that in Africa the feasts the orisas are free and to this receives them thief to profit, wide-awake Venezuela.

  5. Fabio Says:

    This explanation is very important for people not being cheated.
    In Brazil there is a site that speaks on behalf of Baba Araba agbaye.
    We must be vigilant.

  6. chief oluwo ifagbamila aworeni Says:

    whether there may be sites worldwide that are safe and demonstrate their FAMILA FAMILA Aworeni

  7. chief oluwo ifagbamila aworeni Says:

    I congratulate the filter decicion who was consecrated by our Arab and FAMILA and returned to Africa and leads people to honor and remember the FAMILA Aworeni

  8. LUPA Says:

    Well, gee I read all these messages and what scared me is how many people cheated the people, for these reasons then ahy many people do not believe in anyone.

  9. Awo Ifaobaekun Says:

    I will like to get in contact with your store and products, I need a password how do I get it
    A dupe
    Awo Ifaobaekun
    Geneva Switzerland

  10. ossai ifeanyi Says:

    sir, i live in lagos ,at the moment i am experiencing serious financial difficulties,as a result i would like to visit the ifa temple for consultation and solution ,please i need the contact address.Thanks

  11. monica Says:

    Araba, la verdad es una necesidad tener unas palabras con usted, hace muy poco que estoy en religion, en mi pais es muy distinto ya que se basa en la parte brasilera yo soy Argentina , y tengo muchas dudas nunca encaje en ningun lado, busque la verdad, cultue a los orisa sin saberlo, cuando m e decian q lo haga de tal manera yo me dedicaba a mi Ori, aca no es comun, no tengo imagenes no las quise nunca, se enojaron conmigo y quede sola, se q aca es distinto por la mezcla q hubo, la union de religiones en america tras tanto esclavismo. eso lo entiendo,solo a manera de consulta quiero q me de los nombres de sus hijos en Argentina ya q encontre un lugar y su nombre fue expuesto, estoy esperando la llegada de mi iya para mi 1er obligacion. Confio en una respuesta pronta. No quiero equivocarme mas. Desde ya muy agradecida, no se como saludarlo en yoruba pido disculpas

  12. Olivia Kowald Says:

    Hi,I obtain that your website is really instructive and useful and we were curious if there is a possibility of getting More writing like this on your site. If you willing to assist us out, we will be willing to compensate you… Best wishes, Olivia Kowald

  13. Hector St. Juan Says:

    Aboyu Aboye
    Si Alaafia ni abures emi…
    Maferefun Olodumare !
    Modupe Eshu Laroye
    Salutations and Benidcon Orunmila ‘s Craft!

    Ika Fun and Ogunda Sa come to mind in this , from my point of view as a child of Obatala.
    Be that as it may…..collectively WE seem to have to get the “power’s that be” to ensure, and regulate the world wide webs internet activities.
    For I also have been extrapulated, exploited, cyber -stalked, and plundered…..even the lowest of the low……in term s of ” authoritative”
    pontification and profliferation of my “WORDS” and Arts n Craft.
    ITs been my mere observation…..
    that the wheels of Orisa ( so to speak in metaphor ) grind slowly….very slowly……….BUT they do
    indeed pulverize like herbs in a
    mortar n pestal.
    My ” speciality de maison” ( there’s alot of French up here in Toronto !!)
    as an Ex Chef, and a musician………one graduated from the school of hard knocks………is the
    OPON principle of your ‘table de IFA’ is circular.
    Therefore i have witnessed that everytime and anyone whom takes
    advantage, argues the point, minimizes ika fun, and or ogunda sa…..
    will eventually findthemselves in the
    hands of Eshu ODARA.
    Thats that.
    In all due peace, this is a wonderful outa sight site!
    I will let my pandrio namely Oshungurere in south bronx nyc at my household of Orisa/Ifa that ive found a nice sight herein.
    Too bad some ppl dont use their ears, and nose eh!!!!!
    May Eshu and Obatala add they blessings , and stand for the
    witness unto all of our comings and goings…..
    namely Orunmila Eleri Ipin.
    ab orisa obatala poppy

  14. Orílànà Aworeni Says:

    Amigo Luis Antonio Reyes:

    Quizá ud considere que no soy yo la persona indicada para responder su inquietud hacerca Oriki y de comer Iyesorun, no obstante responderé su pregunta; yo estoy iniciada por uno de los hijos de Baba Araba, he estado en Ilé-Ife y me hospedo en la casa del Araba Agbayé, cualquiera de los miembros de la familia Aworeni de Nigeria puede darle fé de lo que aqui le escribo; en Ilé-Ife y en ninguno de los pueblos que conozco de Nigeria hacen lo que los miembros del Egbe Orisaoko llaman ORIKI, los rezos a ifá se hacen antes de levantarse de la cama, el iyerosun no se come en nigeria y la palabra oriki significa Nombre de Alabanza, la palabra Rezo en yorùbá es IWURE. Por otro lado, el dueño del Egbe Orisaoko no tiene 20 ni mucho menos 27 años en la tradición afrocubana, los conozco desde hace muchos años y conozco a sus padrinos de osha e ifá, ni él ni su esposa llegan a tener 14 años de iniciados en la santeria, así que si eso es lo que el dice, en eso también les miente. Esta semana llega a Venezuela un Babalawo Nigeriano, el cual dará conferencias en Caracas, también él está al tanto de las cosas mal hechas que hace el citado egbé, le recomiendo que vaya a las conferencias y que realice los talleres de cultura yorubá que se dictarán. La información la encontrará en Face Book. Ud puede ubicarme a mi en el face book también con el mismo nombre que aparezco aqui, si yo puedo ayudarlo en algo, no dude en contactarme.


  15. Ifalami Aworeni Says:

    Today Saturday 19 June 2010 I went to a birds market in Lake Wales in Florida
    I run into a Cuban Awo was surprised to hear that this young Awo had been told that Wande Abimbola was the Araba Agbaye Ile Ife I had to explained to him who our real great Father is. I was very careful as our Baba Wande Abimbola is very highly respected here in the United States of America.
    The reason why I am bringing this matter to your attention is because the world needs to know more about the true system and rankings based in our Mother Yoruba Land. The interest of our African descends is quickly becoming followed by the young generation of Ifa and Orisa in the USA.
    Ase, Ase, Ase o

  16. simmons beautyrest mattress Says:

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  17. Di Lauro Says:

    Congratulations, it is very important to warn the world about false Babalawos who use the name of others in order to make money. In Brazil there are many.
    I’ve been fooled by several.
    This should not happen


    I would like to congratulate my dear father Baba Araba for the lain message left by this particular. It’s great that everyone knows, especially here in South America that there are many who say Babalawos but in fact are Babalariwos. The knowledge and study are important. Titles, only the true and not those achieved by money. Ifa has to be magnified and respected and the name of its chief representative Baba Araba too. To followers of Ifa, be careful and try to follow the truth of Ifa and those who actually preach and follow the truth.

  19. Rener Zuqui Awo Ifaponle Aworeni Says:

    Ire o
    I would like to wish all my Baba Araba votes of gratitude and respect, I am happy to belong to the family and become a Aworeni Ogboni.
    I hope to soon be back the lands and reve Yorubás them and keep my marriage together with this family.
    Aboru aboie abosise Baba Araba Agbaye, Awolabi, and Awotunde Awofolaju

    Awo Ifaponle Aworeni eOdusola
    ogunyankin.zuqui @

  20. Babalola Amosun Leka Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise Agbo Ato a sure iwori wofun

    Emi amosun Leka nki o Baba Araba Agbaye !
    Ki ifa ati gbogbo won irunmole gbe o ! Ki aye ye araale re !
    I have been reading this discussion about the theme of egbe orisa oko in Venezuela. The financial interest is a matter of nowadays in every human activity. We cannot allow anybody to demostrate cupidity in the Great tradition of Ifa Orisa.
    Baba I support you in the defending of your name and tradition. I have been living five years in Caracas and i have done my first steps as a Olorisa in this country. But i have seen every types of heresy in the name of Ifa. Please conqueer this land to educate it ! The spiritual potencial is infinite overthere because many people have thrue faith in Ifa, but their mind are spoiled by such wrong practionneers, even if they come from the most highly lineage !
    I am a French awo keke initiated in the Babalola family in Ilobuu.
    Babalola Kolapo Ifashina omo Fatoogun is my Oluwo.
    I wish you a very long life and prosperity.

    Okan mi nbe lodo re Baba !

  21. Amosun Leka Babalola Says:

    e koosan !
    Amosun Leka nki ooo ! My higher respects and greetings to our father Araba and his family.
    I wrote a comment yesterday about the situation in venezuela, a country that i love so much. But today i wonder why it has been deleted.
    Is there any error ? Or did i wrote something wrong ?
    Please tell me at my e mail !

    Ki Ifa gbe o !

  22. Osunkemi Says:

    Please honor this Araba’s wishes…it is a definite request…and we must honor…at last..ase’

  23. Pareja online Says:

    Interesante post! Muchas gracias.

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  25. Andrew Jefferson Says:

    Highly useful thank you, I presume your subscribers may possibly want a whole lot more articles like this keep up the good effort.

  26. Ifa Tunwase Says:

    Ifa Gbe Wao Aragba Agbaye.
    I need to ask you a question and I would to use our email.
    I don’t know if I am contacting you directly or your assistant.
    Do not hesitate to use my email because it is a very important matter.

    Aboru Aboye se Allafia.

    Ifa Tunwase Lojeimo



  28. Wilmer Denby Says:

    certainly like your website but you need to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth then again I’ll surely come again again.

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