Featured Priest Chief Obaluru: In Praise of Orisa Nla

Posted on 26 October 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni

Orisa Nla Shrine, Ile-Ife

Orisa Nla Shrine, Ile-Ife

Obatala is a messenger for Olodumare. He created human beings by forming their bodies an facial features. However, it was Olodumare that gave human beings the breath of life. White people were created with red clay while black people were created using black clay. When Obatala was quickly creating human bodies, he created handicapped humans. He created them in order that humans may know the different facets of life and appreciate what they are given. Because of this the handicap are children of Obatala and worship him.

Anyone that is to take the crown of Ooni (king) must first be given the crown by Obatala. Obatala is the Orisha that wears the crown.

Obatala has many praise names, they include but are not limited to the following:

Obatakuntakun Lode Iranje, Eni To Nsoju To Nse Owo, Orisa Ni Maasin, Onileji Oje Oji, Orisa Nla Je Eeyan Pataki

Obatala is known for granting prayers for women to bear children, for making childbirth easier, for having good children and for obtaining money. Yemoo Oboboniba is the wife of Obatala.

Obatala has a strong relationship with the Aje Funfun. Yemoo, his wife, is Aje Funfun. The aje associated with Obatala are called Aje Obatala. The relationship of Obatala to the other Orisa is that he is their Elder and the ower of the Ase. Obatala often appears as an old man.

Obatala likes to dress in white. He likes to eat eku, eja, igbin, 6-toed cock. His taboos are emu (palm wine), aja (dog), day old pounded yam (can only eat fresh yam), he cannot eat on a stool, and he cannot walk on an overgrown path.

The Obatala Festival is held in Ile-Ife at the Itapa Temple in January.


Chief Posi Egbewole Obaluru Obatala is from the Iranje Orisa N’la compound in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He was born into an Obatala family. He is a priest of a Obatala and an herbalist. He holds the title Iwarefa in the Ogboni Fraternity.

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  1. Ifaleye Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise
    Mo dupe pupo for your continued sharing knowledge
    Ire O
    Omo Awo Ifaleye

  2. Sergio Carnielli Says:

    Aboru boye o N’ilé Ifa!
    Bàbá you said Iyemòó is Aje Funfun, this means that Iyemòó is the same power that Ajé Sàlúgà, or is a Iyemòó funfun àjé (witch, witch)? Now appreciate the attention, ire o!

  3. primce olushegun Says:

    Dear sir,

    Thanks for the great work and information you site give out, could you kindly give me full address of Chief Posi Egbewole Obaluru Obatala, i resides in Lagos and would like travel to Ile Ife very, so i think it will be good thing for me to know all this elders, thenks.

    prince olushegun Adejobi.

  4. Oliveira Says:

    Hello everyone. I am from Paris.. en France.. i would like to meet one Babalawo.. try to know more about this religion ; i am passioned about it.
    I would like know about me and my life.. “i heard” they have like a Opêlé ifa to know the thigs about live.. Thank you all..
    I will wait yours answers.
    My eamils is..

  5. oladoja Says:

    Pls kindly help me with baba Chief Posi Egbewole Obaluru Obatala, i want to go to him in ife pls help me out.

  6. Austine Says:

    Pls kindly give me the full address and/or phone number of Chief Posi Egbewole Obaluru Obatala in Ile-Ife.

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