Elements of Ifa Part III: Implements of Ifa

Posted on 18 October 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni

The implements of Ifa are the spiritual items used by a Babalawo. The following list includes the primary implements used by an Ifa priest, however it must be noted that there are other special items that are used that cannot be listed. The primary implements used by an Ifa priest are as follows:

Ikin Ifa-


The Ikin were given by Orunmila to humans to divine on earthly matters. Orunmila gave them to people to divine for their problems. Whatever the Ikin is true and cannot be changed. Olodumare first gave the Ikin to Orunmila to consult then Orunmila gave them to human beings in order to have the guideline in life. If you consult with Ikin, the sacrifice must be made the same day.



Opele was the servant of Orunmila. Orunmila used money to buy him at the market. Orunmila discovered that Opele had knowledge, Opele was once a human being. He was handicap with a limp leg. Orunmia originally wanted to use Opele to clear the bush but when clients would come to visit Opele would speak their problems before Orunmila. Opele stayed in the house and divined for Orunmila’s visitors. One day when Orunmila was traveling, Opele was called to the palace to divine. While Opele was at the palace he committed a major offense. When Orunmila returned he was very angry and beat Opele on the head with the Iroke Ifa. Opele broke into eight pieces. Orunmila didn’t want to throw Opele away, but joined the pieces together and used him to consult.

There are many different types of Opele: Egbere, Agbigba, Akaragba, etc. Although Opele tells the truth Ikin is more accurate and Ikin are used for important consultations, like initiations.

Owo Eyo or Erindinlogun-


The cowries were presented to women through Osun. Orunmila gave them Osun to use to consult. The cowries are made for females and men should not use them. The Owo Eyo say the truth and are an important divination tool.

Opa Orire or Osu:


This is the staff of Orunmila. It is used as a walking stick by Orunmila. When a babalawo is walking to a spiritual place he will use his Orire. Only an Elder Awo can use the Orire. It represents the premise that an Awo can never die, that he will live long.

Opon Ifa-


The Opon Ifa is used when consulting Ifa. It is used during sacrifice. The Opon Ifa symbolizes the heaven. It represents the four earthly directions, North, South, East and West. The center of the Opon Ifa is the junction of the earthly directions in heaven. The head is carved at the North position on the Opon Ifa, representing the eyes, where the Opon Ifa sees all that is happening on earth and the sacrifice or messages will be sent to heaven.

Iroke Ifa-


The Iroke is used by Orunmila when he travels to an occasion to pray for the people. Anywhere an Awo travels he will brng is Iroke. It is also used during sacrifice to knock the Opon Ifa.



Orunmila uses the Irukere when traveling to an ocassion. The Irukere is also used by kings. It is also used for spiritual services. Orunmila uses Irukere to save people. Only elders, kings, chiefs or those of special importance can use Irukere. It should be used during a sacrifice, or during consultation, it sits to the left.

Apo Abira or Apo Ikofa- This is a bag that a babalawo carries on his left. All the materials of Ifa are kept in this bag.

Adura (Prayer):

Gbogbo eniti won se abewo si orishada.com won ko ni fi ohun mo ni eniyan oju ti won fi wo koni fo ase o

All of the people the visit Orishada.com will not know blindness that the eyes that you use to view this site will always see clear. Ase o

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  1. Ifalami Says:

    Aboru Aboye Owolabi,
    I think that its extremely important that a clarification be introduce as to the Ifa initiation that is ELEGAN or initiation of 3 days only which only lasts 2 to 3 hours as to the difference of the real IFA initiation OLODUN IFA where the Sacret ODU Calabash is present and that it takes from 15 to 20 hours. I had the Elegan ifa initiation done as I did not know the difference. should I had known. It would not had been done that way. people travel from very far to be given an untrue initiation.

  2. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Aboru Aboye,
    There is no initiation called Elegan in Ifa intiation. But the Igba Odu has three types, 1) Odu Elegan, 2) Odu Gbena, and 3) Odu Oranfe. The receive these Odu takes different lengths of time depending on which one is received.

    Thank you for your question,
    Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni

  3. Awo Ifaobaekun Says:

    Aboru Aboye
    My respects.Would you please explain the difference between ) Odu Elegan, 2) Odu Gbena, and 3) Odu Oranfe.
    Awo Ifaobaekun

  4. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Aboru Aboye,
    Odu Elegan is given to the Chiefs here in Ile-Ife called Elegan. Odu Gbena is given to is given to ordinary babalawo from any town. Odu Oranfe is given to the Awoolodumerindinlogun in Ile-Ife only.

    Thank you fro your question, Odabo,
    Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni

  5. ronaldo Says:

    gostei muito aboru aboye abosise!!! gostaria de saber mais sobre odu ejiogbe.

  6. diego lopez Says:

    what´s odun certifying ifa en three o seven days?can be done in three days?

  7. Ifayemi Says:

    Aború, Aboyé, Abosisé

    Estimado Oluwo, necesito saber por cosas que ví en Argentina, si cuando se realiza el ritual de Isefa, se hace con animal de cuatro pie a Orunmila, espero su repuesta.

    Iré O

  8. Ifatomilayo Aworeni Says:

    Aboru, Aboye


    I would like to suggest a section of this site be devoted to the Araba’s visits to different parts of the world. I had sent pictures of the Araba’s visit to Trinidad and Tobago, including his meeting with the President and all the activities in which he participated. Unfortunately, I am yet to see those featured. I know the Araba also visited Venezuela and the USA etc, I think it would be interesting to see the related pics and videos if available.

    Please advise whether you need me to resubmit the pictures for Trinidad

  9. Ifatomilayo Aworeni Says:

    E pele O Baba

    Can one wear one’s necklaces (ilekes) to funerals?

  10. Ifashola Says:

    Can u plz tell us something about osun

  11. omilana Says:

    aboru,aboye baba aquestion is there an iroke that would have special meaning foe an IYANIFA?

  12. fagbadegun fayemi Says:

    This is proffessor 201(fagbadegun fayemi)ur knowledge will never b wasted

  13. gabriel Says:

    saludos como le puedo aser quiero ir aberlos porfas qui ero resibir ori egbe porfas

  14. Aaron Says:

    Aboru aboye! 🙂 Why is it that men can’t use the Merindinlogun? Respectfully, I’ve never heard that they can’t before. I know an Awo’ initiated in Ode Remo in the early 60’s who wrote a book about the Merindinlogun and he did not make any mention of men not being able to use the Merindinlogun. He even mentioned that in the book that Obatala devotees were the only ones who had it at first and that Osun enticed Obatala for the secrets of it and then gave them to other people.

    I’m not saying that you’re wrong Baba.

  15. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Ogbo ato iwori wofun. We are describing how it is done in Ile Ife (the Source of the Yoruba), individual towns may do it different. Ifa talks about Orunmila who gave the erindinlogun to Osun (oyeku ogunda). Which odu tells of Obatala being the first to use erindinlogun to make a reading?

  16. ADEBOLA Says:


  17. Nicole Says:

    E kua le sir/ma, could you tell me how to use the cowries or how I could learn to use them please. Thank you

  18. Babatunde Says:

    Sir, Please i will like you to answer this questions sir 1) what is the importance of having ifa? 2) what does ifa do to anyone who have it? 3) What is the significant of having an ifa by anyone? 4) I hope anyone in possession of ifa is not going to have a bad or evil reparcursion in is life time?

  19. fatunbi Says:

    mo yin boru,mo yin boye pls i’m erindinlogun user & i wil like 2 learn more how wil i get any write up of it(erindinlogun) in ful details

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