Elements Of Ifa Part II: Spirit Of Ifa

Posted on 12 October 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni


The spirit of Ifa can also be called Ase and among other things is carried by those who deliver the message of Ifa.

The idea of Ase comes in many forms . There are many types of Ase, the three major types of Ase include: The Ase that the Ikin Ifa is empowered with, the Ase that Babalawos carry and the Ase a person takes for heaven.

When one is initiated to Ifa their Ikin should be empowered with the Ase of Ifa . In some initiations where a person’s Ifa is not empowered with the Ase of Ifa , Ifa may not answer their prayers or help them in times of need. This happens because of improper initiation technique, such as 3 day initiations or fake incantations.
The other type of Ase is the type that will come with the person from the heaven. When a person comes from heaven with this type of Ase, whatever they say will happen. If they curse, the curse will affected the person intended, and if they pray their prayers will be immediately answered. They are considered very powerful. This type of person carrying the Ase from heaven is called, Eleyin Oke and God gave the Eleyin Oke power. However they are not dangerous but are well respected.

To recognize the Ase that a Babalawo possesses a client will hear the truth about their life and circumstances. When the Babalawo divines, if he does not speak the truth, then he doesn’t carry rhe true Ase of Ifa. If a Babalawo carries the true Ase of Ifa, it is not good for him to curse. It is not good for a babalawo to be bad tempered or to lose control. A babalawo that is foul tempered, lacks patiences, or curses often should avoided. These type of babalawos are on a destructive path for themselves and those around them.

There are 2 type of babalawo. A normal babalawo that carries the Ase of Ifa and the other is called a Babalariwo. Those that are Babalariwo are frauds and don’t actually carry the spirit or Ase of Ifa. They fake readings to gain money and false prestige. A true babalawo must help those that seek their assistance. A Babalariwo exacts some outrageous price for their services. For instance, telling a woman that she must have sex with him for the her spiritual work is completed. Ifa does not accept this, it is not proper and is an indication of fraud.

A good babalawo must know the Esunsun. The Esunsun is a moral code by which all babalawo must follow. An example of the Esunsun is: don’t sleep with your father’s wife, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t hurt people with juju, honor your elders, don’t disobey your parents, etc. The Esunsun is what allows a babalawo to live a long life. When an elder that has lived a long life is asked how they have lived so long, he invariably replies, “Esunsun mimon!” (It is the Esunsun that allows me to live a long life!)

There are different ways for one to gain Ase. One way that a babalawo gains Ase is by taking a title. During the title initiation, all the babalawos will gather to pray, say incantations, and empower the title taker’s Ikin Ifa.

A person can also lose their Ase in several ways. One way is by being rude or showing poor character in front of the wrong person, such as an elder. They can also lose their Ase by leaking secrets, telling lies, or committing heinous acts on others. If one is given power or Ase through an initiation title or other means and is rude to those that first gave them the power or title (initiation), the Ase can be removed.

“Odo to ba gbagbe orisun o ma gbe ni.”

– The spring that forgets it’s origin, will run dry.

If a person forgets or is rude to the person that gave them the power in the fist place, the power given can still can still collect that power back. By dishonoring God, orisha, parents, oluwo, ancestors, females or elders, etc a person will lose Ase. Also if someone does not respect their own destiny they can lose power or Ase.

Omode bu iroko o poju weyin o ro pe orujo loluwere pa ni

-The child that insults the Iroko tree, doesn’t know the moment when the Iroko tree will punish him. Any babalawo that disrespects their elders will one day regret it, even if th punishment is not immediate.

Check back to Orishada.com for the Elements of Ifa part III: The Implements of Ifa where we will detail all the implements used in working with Ifa.

We also use this time to thank OLODUMARE for the new Olojo festival of November 20, 2009. We greet the AROLE ODUDUWA OBA OKUNADE SIJUWADE OLUBUSE IKEJI ORISA OLORI ALADE GBO GBO!

We use this time to greet our father ARABA AGBAYE OLUISESE AWOYEMI AWORENI ADISA MAKONRANWALE and all Awo of Ile-Ife.

We also greet all the Ile-Ife indigene, all the Yoruba at home and abroad in the diaspora, for the new Olojo festival that will start on november 20, 2009. The Ooni will carry the crown of Oduduwa to ode agbalasa and pray for all the world.



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  1. Omo Awo Ifaleye Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise
    Dada Ni
    Mo dupe o for these lessons. I am trying to learn of the cosmology of Ifa, would you please post lessons concerning the Irunmole, their origin etc, I am trying to learn all I can

    ire o
    Omo Awo Ifaleye

  2. Ifalami Aworeni Says:

    Aboru Aboye Owolabi Thank you for the clearing of this article. Prior to my husband initiation a number of Babalawos on separates readings had told us that he would only progress the day he did IFA, Our initiation was good but the necessary days were not allowed and as result we felt the initiation incomplete. During the last 3 years our lives has gone from having a good economical position to nearly loosing everything. Many readings and Ebo have been done with very little results, and some times with not results at all.
    The situation is so bad that I don’t know what else to do. I pray day in and day out. We live a very humble life. Everything we get we share with those we know in Ile Ife. I feel now that maybe we should just step aside and only wait for the manifestation of what IFA promise would happen.

  3. Ifalami Aworeni Says:

    When my husband did IFA there he was told never to forget our new extended family there and we have not. We have kept truth and honesty. But to achieve very little in our lives. We don’t work Ifa as we have no teachers here we are in constant communication with our family there but the growth for us is limited and the finances from before have become zero. I know that I did not do what we have done for financial richness. but we have nothing not even the teachings of Ifa. Thanks to these website now I feel I can learn and be heard. Our situation being the king of people we are is the same reason why many people continue to be ignorant to the true ways of the Orisas and Ifa here in the American continent.

  4. Oloye Orawale Oranfe Says:

    E ku Odun! Special greetings to all indegenes of Ile Ife ati especially the Ogun community ati members of Wasani Compoundd for the upcoming Olojo Festival. Oloye Ogundare.


    PLS SIr iam wan 2 know the names of ifa and their meanings iam a young learner of ifa oracle.

  6. Sandro Says:


    I have a question, after has read you words above i would like to know how many days take an good IFA INITIATION in ILE IFE?

  7. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Aboru Aboye ,
    We thank you for visit our website in ile ife is seven day for ifa initiation

  8. Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi Says:

    Aboru, Aboye, Abosise, It is critical for us to take the teachings of Ile Ife and hold them to our heart as they do come from the source of the Ifa tradition. As a family member and part of this lineage it is important to continue with the training as Awo. Meaning because region to region there are variance to Ifa training. In Osogbo the practitioners work and worship in a slightly different format but the foundation is the same as in Ile Ife and the rest of Nigeria and the Diaspora. Our temple has been dedicated to our family from its inception and the ways of Ifa as our way of life and our teachings. With permission we would like to post this post on the other web pages because we are running a series of articles on Ifa protocols because in the name of Ifa we are dedicating this to the training of our people world wide. When you have the truth then there is no mistaking it for anything else. May Ifa continue to bless your work in Ifa.
    Ifa gba wa O!
    Iyanifa Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi
    Ile Iwosan Orunmila Mimo Temple
    4311 North 80th Lane
    Phoenix Arizona 85033

  9. diego lopez Says:

    Aboye aboru babalawo, I could tell because Iyami not received then tell me that you receive? there are red, black and white as that style of power serve please notify diegolop89@hotmail.com

  10. efuwape akomolede ifa of africa Says:

    Ela moyinboru elamoyinboye elamoyinbosise
    My name is chief efuwape akomolede ifa of africa. I come here for advice for babalawo members. Because many people there using babalawo name to fraud people if you a babalawo why not stay loyalty to IFA to gain blessings from IFA. Look at chapter 25 OGBEYONU. Kanju Kanju kosese ile aye kirakita kosefakun oro oun afi esomu kinbaje eyi afelemu ni le koko. Adifa fun. Oje Tete. Obu fun Oje wara. Wan ntkole orun bowa le aye. Oje tete loru bo. Oje wara komu tebo se. Oje wara. Oje wara wara ogbo de orun lo. Oje tete Oje pepe. Please am begin. Because others religions it’s try to count tradition ass something it’s not good. Please every body use anything you have to raise tradition up. Thanks. IFA AGBEWA OO. ASE. MOJUBA AWON AGBA NIWAJU KAGBA KODALE OO ASE OO

  11. Ara Says:

    I was told to tefa or rin Ifa to help me overcome my financial status. Awo if i fail to tefa what wil hapen?

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