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Posted on 28 August 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni


The ORI created the individual to this world, it created all the orisha including orunmila and oduduwa.  The Ori is what holds an individual’s destiny.  The Ori is what creates rich and poor, allows for dissapointment or joy.  The Ori is in control of one’s daily ups and downs.  Ose Tura explains that the Ori is more important than medicine, that one shouldn’t believe in juju but in one’s own individual power manifested by their Ori.

The Ori is a spirit each individual has on his or her own.  When we come from heaven we pass a place where we obtain our own destiny, but it is the Ori that assists us in getting a good destiny.  When the human being was created, Olodumare created the Ori.  When one dies the Ori dies as well.  Before consulting Ifa, one already knows their duty to their Ori.

We can know when our Ori is angry through consutation with Ifa, asking from our head, and realizing something is amiss when our hard efforts seem to waste in vain exertions.  The Ori is a spirit akin to the soul and follows us when we come from the heaven.

An individual has two heads, the Ori Inu is inside the physical head.

Ori Inu ma ba to de je

This is a prayer that the Ori inside doesn’t spoil the Ori outside.  The physical Ori that you see is on the outside.

One can know the precise things that their Ori wants through divinaion.  If one disobeys their Ori all things will fail despite their best efforts.

Some examples of different types of destinies are as follows:

1)   To Wa Wo Iran, with this type of destiny the person has come from heaven as an observer.  Their destiny is to just look and not to act or participate.

2)  Asiniwale Aye,  the person with this type of destiny has come to earth worship another person.

3)  Eni To Wale Aye Wa Se Rere, a person with this destiny has come to earth with the sole purpose of doing good.

There is a difference between destiny and behavior.  Where behavior is a choice, one’s destiny cannot be changed as it come with us from heaven.  It is not possible to change one’s destiny.  One’s destiny can sometimes not be fufilled do to their choice in behaviors.

To care for one’s Ori, it is important to keep your head clean, not to be careless when touching your head, and be mindful of who is touching our head.  One can receive Ori to worship.  When one wakes, they can hold their head and pray that their Ori will bring good things.

Ori Ajike, ori aji ge, ori logbe ni ti a de ade owo, ori

lo gbe ni ti a wo ewu ileke, ori lo gbe di olola,

ki a to mo obi bo Orisa ori ni ki a mobi bo

Plenty of odu Ifa speak about the Ori, for instance Ose Tura, Ogbe Di, Ogunda Ogbe, Obara Meji, Eji Ogbe, Etura Meji, etc.  White is the color of destiny.  As for the taboos of the Ori, how your ori creates you is how you should be.  Don’t use color on your hair or use harsh treatments on your head, treat your Ori with care.  The food for the Ori is, obi, cock, eja abori, igba, omi tutu, otin.  However your Ori bless you, you can feed it.

We appreciate you visiting Orishada.com and if you have any questions please comment and we will answer.  May your Ori bless you and keep you safe throughout your travels.


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  1. Orilana Aworeni Says:

    Aború Aboye Bàbá Owolabi!

    Can you tell us about Iwájù-Ori is the source of spiritual power located on the front, Àtàri source of spiritual power located on the crown and Ipákò: a source of spiritual power at the base of the skull, right where the skull meets nape?

    And it will be possible wanted to talk a little about Àkúnlèyàn, Àkúnlègbà and Àyànmó?

    Thank you very much in advance for their valuable collaboration with important issues.


  2. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Aboru aboye Orilana Aworeni,
    The Ori Iwaju and Atari are feed at the same time, however the Ori Ipako is different. It is called Ileiku or Orun and it is feed in a different way.
    Akunleyan and Ayanmo are similar and they mean destiny. Akunlegba is that part of your destiny that cannot be changed, for instance whether you are born into a rich or poor family, or what continent and country you are born. It is decided when you are born and cannot be changed, once you are born you have accepted this part of your destiny.

    I hope this helps,
    Babalawo Owolabi

  3. Orilana Aworeni Says:

    Baba Owolabi thank you very much, of course I helped his answer, though I had understood something else, I belong to the Aworeni family and is wiht you that I have to learn. Again, thanks for your lessons and especially for teaching respect and manners Yorùbá.

    Olodumare that encloses the blessings always.

    Odabo Bàbá!

  4. Ifakorede Says:

    Aboru Aboye Bàbá Owolabi, thank you for valuable information on Ori. Can you explain the prayer when feeding Ori Apere.

    Thank you very much


  5. bklove87 Says:

    Aboru Aboye Baba,

    wow i have a clear understanding (overstanding) of what is ori? this was really helpful. i really do appreciate your explination. do you mind listing other destinies?

  6. Olatunji Says:

    Ire o Aworeni,

    How can I become Ifa devotee, my interest in Orisha becoming strong everyday, we blame the european cultural imperialism and brainswashed of our people to disown everything that related to their identity. But thank to realization and self awareness that come to me in life. I made a lot of research about Yoruba world and their clearer understanding of nature.
    I always proud of my Yoruba root. please awo Aworeni Mo fe bayin so oro lori ago.
    Thank Aboru boye

  7. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Eku Ojumo,
    My advice to you is to get an Ifa reading by a Babalawo. I will write you privately with further advice.

    Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni

  8. ifatade Says:


    ORUNMILA AGBE WAA OOOO.i appreciate the owne and administrator of this site..THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS.

  9. What are the things to say when sacrificing the head. thanks omotoso Says:

    What are the things to say when sacrificing the ori. thanks omotoso

  10. Awobodede Says:

    Aboru Aboye Baba.
    Thank you for sharing such valuable information. Could you speak on the procedure for feeding Ori Ipako. Also, could you share info on how ebo-riru is done in ile-ife? May Ifa continue to bless you and your family!

  11. olaniyi olajire Says:

    OLODUNMARE WILL Be with you

  12. With Repect Says:

    With a divination of Iwori Irete what would one’s destiny be?


  13. ricardo de laalu Says:

    Mojuba babalawo Owolabi, Sou iniciado em Exu Laalu aqui no Brasil e quero aprender sobre meu Ori e como posso e se posso ser iniciado em Ifá.


  14. Obara Oloba Says:

    Please, What does “juju” mean to Yoruba language?? I’ve heard that word to Cuban Diaspora ritual chants.

  15. Fashola Says:

    Wonderful, it’s a pleasure there is a site like this. i really love it….I’ve been wanting to know more and have deep knowledge about Ifa. Please can anyone help me with a Ifa Priest in Lagos suburb. thank you

  16. ifeoluwa Says:

    Thanks so much for this site.
    But wat if sumone has a good destiny and refuse to do anything will the person still be great? Sum say “ayanmo ni iwa pele, iwa pele si ni ayanmo” how true is this? if it is true, those this means that sumone without patient will not fulfill destiny? pls help me am confused.

  17. Oluwatoyin Says:

    Enle o, Please I need to ask a few questions. Can I have your mobile number & contact adress is vry important. Pls reply 2my mail box.

  18. Feyishara Says:

    Good Evening sir plz ur number & address wld b of great help 2 me.Send 2 my mailbox . 10k u sir

  19. Nnamdi Says:

    I will like to meet one of the priest, i have so many problem to talk with him. Please send me a phone number and address to my e-mail. Please the powerfull one. Thanks

  20. Bridget Says:

    Good day sir,
    Pls sir can I have your number and email address,it is urgent I contact u but pls u can also forward it 2 my mail box.
    Thank you very much.

  21. dotu Says:

    Please I have been having a tough time, to pay my house rent is even tough for me
    Baba what do I do since I am not a lazy person. So many promise and fail.right now I don’t know where to go. Please help me. If you can sen me your phone number I will call sir or address to come and see you.

  22. Akinwale Says:

    Aboru Boye oooo baba awo.
    I can’t believe there is such a trend like this . this innovative enough to bring back the long lust glory of Yoruba through wester religion . Baba Alawo aworeni. I will appreciate to have your number . I need to talk to you privately because in had interest in knowing more about IFA deities.

  23. ben Says:

    Good day Baba Aworeni, I have carefully read through your article on Ori which I believe it means Destiny like you have explain. Though I am not a Yoruba native but I truly know that everyone has their destiny attached to them… Please my question is that, since I am not from the Yoruba tribe, is our destiny interpretations and ways of appeasing our destiny (south south) the same as that which you have explained on your article? Please I’ll also like to contact you through your private number, please you can contact me through my email’ thanks

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