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Ifa and Orisha in the Diaspora

Posted on 10 August 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni

102_1884 has recently travelled to the diaspora and has learned many things about how Orisha worship is practiced so far away from the source of the Yoruba people, in Ile-Ife, Nigeria.  We should first point out that it is much appreciated the stuggle of those in the Afrikan diaspora to keep and maintain the worshipping practices of their ancestors and the sacrifice it takes to have maintained over what has spanned many centuries.  However, today is a new day and with modern conveniences such at internet, phones, airplanes, etc it is very possible to see, understand and gather information directly from the source of Orisha worship.

The major inconsistencies in the names, adura, and initiation practices, to begin with are grossly different than what is practiced in Ile-Ife.  We recognize that not all diaspora Orisha worship is aimed at emulating what is practiced Ile-Ife but for those that are using the name of Ile-Ife, to attract clientèle it is unfortunate how many of the practices in these Iles are so very inconsistent with those in the Source.

Specifically we would like to clear up some major inconsistencies.  Some major points about initiations include:  One is never beaten, made to be exposed naked before members of the opposite sex, there is no intercourse required to receive “ase,” there is a huge difference between receiving an Orisha and being initiated to one and a full Ifa initiation is 7 days long.  When a person is initiated they should receive their own divined Odu Ifa, Oriki, personal taboos, and general information about their odu Ifa, how to care for their Ifa and instructions for worship in the future.  One should not be initiated and left in the dark or forced to pay extra money for what should have been included in the original 7 day initiation. After one is initiated they are not considered Babalawo or Iyanifa.  These are titles bestowed on very learned priests after years of study.  One does not become a pastor simply by being baptized, it takes many years of dedication and focus.

Also, Orisha worship is part of a culture, the Yoruba culture and to properly worship one must practice the culture.  There is no separating the two.  There are cultural norms and protocols for men as well as women.  Iles claiming to practice Ifa and Orisha worship as taught from Orunmila  must also attempt to practice the culture.  Orishada witnessed women inappropriately dressed at temple sites and men shaking hands with their elders.  This among other things is not tolerated in Yoruba culture where respect is of paramount importance.

Unfortunately, we found that some Babalawos do not praise Orunmila but praise money.  They are more concerned about collecting clients without educating them and using the name of Orunmila to gain prestige.

If you have any further questions about initiations or Ifa and Orisha worship in Ile-Ife please respond to this post.

The next post will focus on Iwa Pele and the nature of human character.

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  2. Orilana Aworení Says:

    Bàbá Owolabi, my respects and regards for you and all our family Aworení; you have the entire reason in what this demonstrates in this one post and is lamentable that in Vzla. still (still there exist the persons who think to be practising in a correct way in the Tradition Yorùbá, without understanding to (realize) that alone this is a part of the trade and the exploitation on behalf of some who say to be Bàbálawos, without knowing that it is Orisa/Ifá, the protocol and the respect towards the major persons. Soon I will realize the pertinent steps in order that very soon you together with his brother Awofolaju, they come to Vzla. to teach we Orisa/Ifá to us.

    I see you soon. Orilana Aworeni


    Really this article has allowed me to allay much doubts about of the traditional IFA that has been practicing in venezuela. How can a Babalawo initiated by the afrocubana Dispora be traditional Bababalawo with only be brought before the Igba IWA Odu deity?, if not to do an initiated by the diaspora babalawo to become a traditionalist babalawo ifa-orisa. Thank you for your reply and guidance I can provide.

  4. Aguila de Ifá Says:

    You said: Specifically we would like to clear up some major inconsistencies. Some major points about initiations include: One is never beaten, made to be exposed naked before members of the opposite sex,

    Response: I really don`t know where did you go. Probably you are talking about Mr. José Hidalgo in Venezuela, and your Araba visited him. Here You are lying, since in our Ifá initiation ceremonies there are no women.

    You Said: After one is initiated they are not considered Babalawo or Iyanifa. These are titles bestowed on very learned priests after years of study. One does not become a pastor simply by being baptized, it takes many years of dedication and focus.

    Response: The American system is based on a Master-Student relation. This is the reason Ifá expanded more in America and for you it was the reason Ifa was dying in Africa. See UNESCO statistics and see if I am lying.

    Where in Venezuela were you? In which Ilé all these happened?

    Aguila de Ifa

  5. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Modupe lowoyin,
    It is very good of you to visit our site and to take and interest in our discussion. I understand that there are different traditions being practiced here in Africa and abroad and I respect everyone’s right to worship as they see fit. The point of the article is directed for those interested in practicing traditional African religion specifically Ifa and Orisha worship as it is practiced in Ile-Ife, Nigeria the Source of the Yoruba people. There is no other place in the world that can claim this title. There are many people who come here to gain knowledge, use the name of the Araba Agbaye, Ile-Ife, Oketase, excetra to gain money in the diaspora and are not practicing what or how we do here, this article is directed at them.
    Again thank you for your interest,
    Babalawo Owolabi

  6. ifaorialaola Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise,logico amigos!!! Cuando el Babalawo Owolabi visito venezuela al Egbe OrisaOko en este mismo mes.A el no lo dejaron salir a mas ningun lado sin permiso de Edibere. (Babalawo Owolabi mis respetos por ser mayor me inclino). Debe estar hablando directamente de lo que vio o le dijeron en el egbe Orisa-oko. porque yo estoy seguro, que mi palabra no caiga al suelo de que jose hidalgo no lo deja visitar otros Iles o egbe que practican el tradicionalismo aqui en Venezuela. Aqui el unico que en nombre del Araba hace lo que le da la gana por ganar dinero es el Sr Edibere Jose Hidalgo mas nadie. El cuando usted vino no le dejaba hablar Ifá con nadie sin su autorización verdad? yo fuí testigo de esto cuando usted con sus propias palabras me dijo en mi cara las siguentes palabras: YO NO PUEDO HABLARLES DE IFÁ A USTEDES PORQUE EDIBERE ME LO PROHIBIO Y ME AMENAZO DE QUE SI HABLABA NO ME TRIA MAS A VENEZUELA. QUE FALTA DE RESPETO TIENE EDIBERE HACIA USTED siendo usted mayor y diga si es mentira? da pena y verguenza que el traiga a un babalawo tan importante COMO USTED COMO EXHIBICION y no le permita hablar ifá y decir la verdad…. menos mal que usted mismo se percato de las cosas como se estan haciendo alla en el egbé, siento mucha decepción ya que al llevar a dos amigos a la ceremonia de Odu (que se la hicieron incompleta y ellos habian pagado sus animales)el Sr Edibere Hidalgo intento intimidarme en publico levantando injurias en contra de mi persona queriendo juzgarme a mi por querer yo llevar el Ifá de verdad genuino que es el tradicional de Ile- Ifé y que jamas me he llenado la boca como el de hacer las cosas mal en nombre del araba o ustedes. El si hace lo que le da la gana aqui luego que ustedes se van. El lo que hace es adinerarse apoyandose de que su padre el araba es el que le ha dado la potestad de hacer lo que hasta ahora el llama el verdadero Ifá tradicionalista de Ile Ifé. Amigos yo soy un estudiante del Ifá tradicionalista que trato de hacer las cosas como mi actual baba me lo enseña. Yo no hablo a espaldas de nadie porque no me gusta el chisme(OGBE-SA) edibere aprende a ser sinceros y deja de escudarte detras de los Babalawos mayores de Ile Ife para hacer lo que te da la gana…. NOsotros Buscamos la Verdad y tu realmente como que no la tienes… inventas e inventas e inventas y faltas el respeto a todo el mundo porque tu eres el unuco que tienes la verdad en la mano o el dinero mejor dicho… BAbalawo Owolabi mis respetos pero de verdad no permita que este señor por querer sobornarlos les impida hablar lo que profesa que es Ifa. El no es quien para callar la verdad y ustedes son parte de la verdad genuina de Ifa. Asi lo Hizo cuando vino los Bogunmbe y El Ogboni Famayowa. que el termina diciendo aqui que ellos son los que mienten y el es el unico que tiene la verdad. no permita que despues asi como hablo mal de los otros mayores( tengo video de esto no miento) termine hablando de ustedes.
    O dabo!!!

  7. ifaorialaola Says:

    y si quieres me haces brujería Sr.edibere o has lo que te te de la gana en contra de mi persona ya estas acostumbrado a eso, yo solo estoy diciendo la verdad que te encanta llenarte la boca y sacar lo que das en tu casa que compras con lo que pagan la gente que inicias… porque hasta la comida sacas que pena me das que ni un bun caracter tienes(IWA PELE)(tengo video de esto), . Cuando alguien no esta de acuerdo con tus locuras de ligar todos los linajes o todo lo que ves en Africa vienes y lo corres de tu casa. Asi como quisiste hacer conmigo, pero solo Olodumare juzga Otura-rera. Yo creo en las divinidades y no en los hombres al menos que realmente sean sabios y tu de sabio solo tinenes el Orgullo y el poco de omologaciones que vas comprando de estado en estado en Nigeria. Definite primero de que linaje realmente eres para que puedas encaminar a tu pueblo bien. Estas grave si piensas que nosotros estamos en la oscuridad visita Iworimeji grupos de google para que veas que nosotros si estudiamos y tratamos de hacer las cosas lo mejor posible. Sin estar hablando mal de los demas. Respeta para que merezca respeto y deja de hablar de los mayores por detras que lo agarraste de constumbre ya… MIS DISCULPAS POR UTILIZAR ESTE MEDIO BABALAWO AWORENI PARA DECIR LA VERDAD ACERCA DE EDIBERE. NO ME QUEDA MAS QUE DECIRLES QUE ABRAN LOS OJOS NO TENGAN MIEDO A LOS HOMBRES TEMAN A LAS DIVINIDADES… Y REALMENTE POR DECIR LA VERDAD A SI SEA Y CUANDO TU QUIERAS EN TU CARA EDIBERE. CON LA PROTECCIÓN DE LOS ORISAS ELLOS TENDRÁN EL VEREDICTO FINAL… ODABO!!

  8. Magdalena Says:

    To Mr who asks for the name of the one who does all kinds of madnesses in name of He Was Ploughing Agbayé, already they have said it to him them in Vzla’s different forums and now in this post also, we all know that it is EDIBERE HIDALGO JOSE, which receives(charges) 3 thousand and up to 5 thousand dollars for every initiation that he does, and makes us believe to all that this money is destined for He was Ploughing Agbayé, but we all know that it goes for his pocket, this money does not come to Nigeria.

    EDIBERE, is mad, because he speaks badly about all the Nigerians who tread on his house after they come back to his native land, hespoke badly about the family Bogumbe, said that they were a few thieves and that they killed his son with witchcraft, spoke badly about Baba Famayowa about the one who said also that he had stolen it, spoke badly about Baba Fatobá Aworení, about the one who said that it is a disrespet for wanting to marry a Venezuelan woman, spoke badly about the wife of Baba Fatobá Aworení about the one who says that they expelled her from Ilé-Ife since he gave to him the ORDER to he Araba Agbayé of which she was not accepting it in Nigeria and now stá speaking about Baba Owolabí, whom he calls by the name of irete oshe and has the sauciness of saying that Araba he does what he orders him.
    Edibere is a bad wrong man, the alone one thinks about the money and with the smile of his face, the whole world believes in him.

    I ask God that the Nigerian chiefs take measurements for that this one man does not continue gaining money in name of He was Ploughing Agbayé, bear in mind that those who are remaining badly seen before the humanity are the Babalawos Nigerianos, since we all think that you do what Edibere wants only for taking a few dollars to you to your country.

    In wait of which they take measurements in opposition to this man.


  9. ifaorialaola Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise logical friends! When I visit venezuela Babalawos Owolabi to Egbe OrisaOko in this mes.A not left out most anywhere without the permission of Edibere. (Owolabi Babalawos my respect I tend to be higher). You should be talking directly to what he saw or was told in egbe Orisa-oko. because I am sure that my words will not fall to the floor that does not leave jose hidalgo Iles or visit other egbe practicing traditionalism here in Venezuela. Here’s only in the name of Araba do what you want to win money is the Sr Jose Hidalgo Edibere most anyone. When the wine will not let you Ifá talk with anyone without your permission right? I witnessed this when I was in your own words you said to me in my face the following words: I CAN NOT SPEAK IFA EDIBERE ME BECAUSE YOU AND ME AS banned threat that if TRIA ME NO MORE TALKS TO VENEZUELA. TO LACK OF RESPECT TO YOU HAVE EDIBERE be more you lie and say if? feel sorry and ashamed that brings a very important babalawo EXHIBITION AS YOU LIKE and not allowed to speak Ifá and tell the truth …. Good thing you noticed things are getting back in egbé feel great disappointment as the two friends to the ceremony Odu (which made it incomplete, and they had paid their animals) Mr Edibere Hidalgo attempted to intimidate the public by raising insults against me wanting me to judge me for wanting to bring Ifá really is true that the traditional Ile-Ife and I have never filled the mouth like to do things wrong in the name of Arab or you. The what if you want then here you go. The wealthy is what makes his support for Arabic is the father who gave you the power to do what until now called the true traditionalist Ifá of Ile Ife. Friends I am a student of traditional Ifá try to do things as my current baba teaches me. I do not talk behind anyone because I do not like gossip (Ogbe-SA) edibere learns to be honest and stop behind the escudarte Babalawos over Ile Ife to do what you want …. We seek the truth and that you really do not have … invent and invent and invent and disrespect to the whole world because you are the unuco you the truth in hand or money Babalawos better … but my respect Owolabi truth does not allow this man to want to bribe them by barring them from speaking what is professed to Ifa. He is not who to silence the truth and you are part of the genuine truth of Ifa. That was when the wine and Bogunmbe The Ogboni Famayowa. concludes that here they are the liars and the only one who has the truth. do not let them speak as well as bad after the other major (I have no video of it up) about ending ustds.
    un big hug and we continue to grow …
    O dabo!

  10. ifaorialaola Says:

    And if you want me or you do witchcraft and oloogun Sr.edibere you for what you want against me and to those accustomed to that, I’m just telling the truth that you love llenarte mouth and remove what you give in your house purchases as they pay the people … because you start to get food that I have pity that not a good character has (IWA PELE) (I have this video). When someone does not agree with your follies to link all the families and everything they see in Africa and come so far from home. Just as I have with me, but just tried Olodumare Otura-beet. I believe in the gods and not men unless they are truly wise and sage in your pride and just stained the little that you purchase approvals from state to state in Nigeria. Definite first lineage that you are so you can really put your people well. These serious if you think we are in the dark tour Iworimeji google groups to see if we study and try to make things as best as possible. Without speaking ill of others. Respect for that deserves respect and stop talking of the biggest behind as usual and hold on … my apologies for using this media Babalawos AWORENI FOR SAYING THE TRUTH ABOUT EDIBERE. I am left with no to tell you that open your eyes Do not be afraid to fear MEN … AND REALLY THE DIVINE BY SAYING YES TO THE TRUTH AND IF YOU WANT TO BE IN YOUR FACE EDIBERE. THE PROTECTION OF THE ORIS AND THEY HAVE THE IFA FINAL VERDICT … a big hug and we remain creciendo. ogbo ato asure iwori wofun..

  11. ifaorialaola Says:

    aboru aboye abosise


    mi estimado hermano un saludo desde venezuela.
    disculpe no quiero causar polemica con mis escrito yo se lo que digo y por que el babalawo aworeni no le va a decir nada por que ellos saben como hacer sus cosas no son nunca iguales a nosotros ellos cuando quieren decirle a alguien algo se lo dicen en su cara no como nosotros que agarramos estos medios para decir la verdad o la mentira de cualquier cosa.
    el sabe lo que dice a el igual que yo por que estuve compartiendo con el y su esposa.

    un abrazo seguimos creciendo…

    ogbo ato asure iwori wofun…





  14. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Mr Aquila de Ifa,
    Thank you again for visiting our website. I have already explained who the article is directed at and if you take offense to what is written please feel free to visit the many other places on the web dealing with orisa and Ifa.
    I will not argue with you, May the blessings of Ifa find you in the dust or your own confusion.

    Bo pe titi otito a le ke lojo kan bi iro ba lo logun odun otito a ba lojo kan
    ojo ari pade ri ra

    Babalawo Owolabi

  15. Orilana Aworeni Says:

    Bàbá OWolabi:

    Mr. Aguila de Ifa never understand their culture or their customs, do not worry, the majority of American people who do not know other cultures and customs are so stubborn, always wanting to be right, although they are proven otherwise.

    There does not worry Bàbá Owolabi, and remember:

    Majelé ko dara!

    Give my regards to all my family Aworeni and remember that I love.


  16. Mr. M Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise

    Dear Awolabi

    Greetings to Awolabi Babalawo Aworeni family. I launched at IFA in America three years ago, My life is going good but I would like to feel better because I still takes a lot.
    I need to learn about my traditional taboos Odu Ifa, EBOS, Medicine and others. We also want to go to receive Odu IGBA Wa, Ori, Osu Ifa, and learn about hidden prayers. I would like to contact You trough e-mail in
    private to talk directly.

    Best Regards,



  17. olaifa tokun Says:

    As a part of the TOKUN family in Venezuela i am very proud to say that i knew BABA ARABA here in my country and also babalawo OWOLABI, also had the chance to speak to him widely about some things, he told me about this website.
    Reading the comments of this post i can only say that i regret some comments made by people that only wants to gain atention moved by envy and lack of knowledge…
    As Chief Edibere told me once, “we can cheat the alive but not the death” it means that the people writing in this comments with badly intentions could reach some people, but they are being seen from the sky….

    Read, learn and open your minds, saing bad things about someone just speaks bad about yourself….

    olaifa tokun.

  18. Orilana Aworeni Says:

    Saludos Olaifa Tokun:

    No creo que todas las personas que han escrito en este sitio web, lo han hecho para atraer la atención, y mucho menos por envidia y la falta de conocimiento, por el contrario, en primer lugar, lo han hecho para llamar la atención de las personas que creen que los Tokun practican tradición yoruba, la gente debe tener claro que allí se practíca una nueva diáspora, en segundo lugar, no hay envidia, porque los que estudian la cultura y la tradición yoruba verdaderamente, tenemos es preocupación, las cosas hay que llamarlas por su nombre, la diáspora es diáspora y la tradición yoruba es otra cosa, tercero, sin faltarles el respeto a nadie, los que tenemos un minimo conocimiento sobre la cultura y tradición yorubá, podemos asegurar que lo que se practica en el Egbe Orisaoko es diáspora, además porqué pone en duda ud. los comentarios de Bàbá Owolabi, nativo y practicante de tierra yorubá y llevado al Egbe Orisaoko por sus amplios conocimientos? Esto si es una falta de respeto.

    Ud escribió esto:
    “Podemos engañar a la vida, pero no la muerte” significa que la gente que escribe en los comentarios con mala intención podría llegar a algunas personas, pero están siendo visto desde el cielo ….

    No todas las personas que han escrito aquí lo han hecho con mala intención, por el contrario, empezando por Bàbá Owolabi, varios hemos escrito con la unica intención de que sepan diferenciar la diaspora practicada en el Egbe Orisaoko de la Tradición Yorubá practicada en Ilé-Ife, sin ofender ni faltarle el respeto a ninguna persona que practique las diferentes diasporas Afroamericanas. La reflexión que ud. escribió, podrá alcanzarlo a ud. mismo, ya que nos está tildando de envidiosos e ignorantes, sin darse cuenta que ud. no sabe diferenciar diáspora de tradición yorubá y por esta misa razón incurre en faltas de respeto hacia algunas de las personas que han escrito aquí y esto a su vez, va en contra de la ética y cultura Yorubá.

    Que tenga el mejor de los días y recuerde que no hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver.

    Greetings Olaifa Tokuno:

    I don’t think all people who have written on this website, they have done to attract attention, much less out of envy and lack of knowledge, however, first they have done to call attention to the people who believe that the practice Tokun Yoruba tradition, people should be aware that there are practicing a new diaspora, second, no envy, for those studying the Yoruba culture and tradition really, we are concerned, things are to call them by their name, diaspora and diaspora Yoruba tradition is another matter, third, no disrespect to anyone else, who have a minimum knowledge of Yoruba culture and tradition, we can ensure that what is practiced in the Egbe Orisaoko is Diaspora also why you questions. comments Baba Owolabi, native and practitioner of Yoruba land and taken to Egbe Orisaoko by his vast knowledge? That if a lack of respect.

    You wrote this:
    “We can cheat life, not death” means that people who write in the comments with malicious intent could reach some people, but are being seen from the sky ….

    Not all people who have written here have done with malicious intent, however, starting with Baba Owolabi, several have written with the only intention that can differentiate practiced in the diaspora Orisaoko Egbe Yoruba Tradition practiced in Ile – Ife, no offense or disrespect to any person who practices various African American diasporas. The reflection you. wrote, you can reach yourself. same as we are branded as envious and ignorant, not realizing that you. knows how to differentiate diaspora Yoruba tradition and for this reason incurred some disrespect towards some of the people who have written here and that in turn goes against the ethics and Yoruba culture.

    Have the best of days and remember that there is so blind as those who will not see.

  19. nahuel huapi Says:

    Hola buenos dias a todos, he leido varios foros de la religion, ya que me encanta estar informado sobre cosas de interes sobre la religion, yo como persona estoy iniciado en la casa de jose hidalgo edibere, esta persona me ayudo a mi en mi iniciacion sin cobrarme nada, despues mi vida ha tenido un cambio de 360 grados y he trabnajo ahi afanosamente, no entiendo como personas(magdalena,ifaorialaola) hablan tan mal de ya que he sido testigo de como ah ayudado a tantas personas, hbalan de practicar ifa y se lee como se le salen la envidia y el odio, como la señora magdalena afirma y pone el nombre de mi Baba ifa Edibere como el ejemplo de este articulo será que a ella la golperon en otro lado, y el señoe hablando de brujeria, señores por favor recapaciten y sean honestos dejen tranquilo al que esta tranquilo no entiendo por que sangran tanto por la herida, orilana Aworeni esta persona tambien habla y habla en cualquier sitio que aparece el nombre de edibere sale corriendo y lo publica en todos los foros que puede para y que causarles mal, mientras ustedes hablan nosotros crecemos cada dia mas, cuando deseen estan invitados a nuestro egbe todas las personas que deseen constactar si lo que se dice aqui es cierto como dice ifa, en un problema siempre hay que ver las dos partes, gracias por su atencion, mi intencion no fue ofender a nadie.

    Aboru Aboye.

  20. I Breath Says:

    The majority of Diasporal practitioners do not beat people,expose people naked to members of the opposite sex, leave people in the dark after initiation,or are consumed with the concept of money.However there are people doing things that are not with the right intentions and are not right period all over the world including Yorubaland.Aworeni was my grandfathers lineage.Great post.


  21. Cristiane Nunes Says:

    Olá! a todos! fiquei muito feliz com a visita de voc~es aqui no Brasil, teve grande impotância para todos nós! aAbraço especila ao TUNDE ! homem alegre e espirituoso! fiquem com OLODUMARE! Cris/ BRASIL.

  22. Oloye Orawale Oranfe Says:

    Alaafia!Adupe lopolopo forpresenting this site E ku se. Mo pray that all devotees worldwide would bere to collaborate ati ise for the common good. Idapo kan! Oloye Orawale Oranfe

  23. Ifalami Aworeni Says:

    Aboru Aboye my dear Awos Sisters and Brothers,
    I am so glad that finally some of Jose Hidalgo Edibere in Venezuela have taken the position of speaking out loud regarding the amount of money that has been taken from people wanting to follow the TRUE Orisa and IFA traditions.
    It is more than just word but the actions of showing the truth of this man who in so many ways have utilized Baba Araba Agbaye Aworeni Awoyemi Adisa Ile Ife to promote his business.
    I have in the past informed Baba Araba of the internet promotions going on that included his name. And the situation had to be put right, unfortunaly the promotion had already been made the truth of the matter that there are international laws for Misrepresentation that can be apply in a Court of Law for those who utilized this kind of promotion. The Ifa Council should take this into consideration and publicaly Band these kind of people from ever using their names in this way.
    It is disgraceful to have his kind of problems and individuals in our faith.
    May Olodumare guide us all.
    Iyalode Aworeni Ifalami

  24. Fabio Says:

    it is possible to know the Odu Ifa, Oriki, taboos, personal, and general information about your odu of Ifa, and Ifa care after 2 years of initiation?

  25. ifaboyuwole tokun Says:

    good afternoon my respect and lineage Aworeni agbaye araba I have observed the lack of knowledge we have initiated some babalawos ifa Nigerian traditional African because we are losing our iwa pele with situations that we see by our very presence we are being lead by people who only type messages and destructive sound bad, but they do not handle our own hands that which they say they are bad, we see what we see spiritual material not see the extent of our faith but we can buy Orunmila gentlemen left us a legacy on earth are brothers in the eyes of Olodumare not harm the practice of gossip is ifismo ifa works studied in tabu search, in our Ori true ifa very core of his words r Let us observe that only another Orunmila and Orisa are what we decide upon which if we are doing is right or wrong

  26. ifaboyuwole tokun Says:

    good afternoon my respect and lineage Aworeni agbaye araba I have observed the lack of knowledge we have initiated some babalawos ifa Nigerian traditional African because we are losing our iwa pele with situations that we see by our very presence we are being lead by people who only type messages and destructive sound bad, but they do not handle our own hands that which they say they are bad, we see what we see spiritual material not see the extent of our faith but we can buy Orunmila gentlemen left us a legacy on earth are brothers in the eyes of Olodumare not harm the practice of gossip is ifismo ifa works studied in tabu search, in our Ori true ifa very core of his words and let us observe that only another Orunmila and Orisa are what we decide upon which if we are doing is right or wrong, let us work together always look for the real practice with the guidance of our elders Orunmila and in ifa travel to the land where she descended Orunmila to seek the truth than the man who is his wisdom be your guide who will lead you to be old and wise to be honest faithful to our oaths IGBA odu ifa respect our fellows.

  27. ogbe yonu Says:

    abuenas trades a todos yo respaldo alo comentado por el senor agula de ifa que nustros amigos visiten la unesco para vver las estadisticas …..

  28. geronimo Says:

    Aboru Aboye Aboiosese:
    Greetings to all my elders, awos, slected heads;

    First I would like to know if this board is still working as I see no posting for he 2010?

    I am of the diaspora orisa tradition, my family resides in Panama, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Grenada, etc. In reading the point on the differences between the Ile Ife and Diaspora work, am I to understand that we in the disapora since we are removed from our mother should no longer practive how we have for the last 300 years???

    Yes! I agree there are tonal, linguistic and ceremonial differences in how the ancestors made the faith survive for many of us in the diaspora, but is there no bridge that can make us come to some understanding on the point?

    Many of us in the Caribbean are not willing to fully walk away from how we have practice orisa, eggun & initiation work simply because we are now being told we are not doing things right. How we work has been working for us for since Yemanja brought us to the Caribbean.

    Myself, I want to study, Ifa and be Awo but I cannot find anyone with iwa pele when i go back to my shrine to check the validity of the person who claims to have license/authority to do the work from Africa. Many in the dispora have not studied like myslef and know that there are many levels to Babalawao, some can practice ifa and some can only do it for themselves. So where dos that leave us? I cannot even find Baba Poopola’s work “Pracitical Ifa – for Beginners to Professionals” which was recommed for study.

    Thank you for your time. Please advise if this site is still working and if it can be a source of further study.


    Geronimo Davidson

  29. CARLOS Says:

    Aboru Aboya Babalawo Owolabi , Gracias por tods sus conocimientos expuestos en esta pagina , y mis respetos por tratar de unificar a esta religion que para mi y me imagino que para todos los que nos encontramos en ella es LO MAS IMPORTANTE .Yo soy alguien con nada de conocimiento , esperanzado en iniciarme en IFA ,me gustaria saber dado su conocimiento cual es la diferencia entre el IFA tradicional y el IFA afrocubano , ya que usted a tenido el contacto y el estudio de las dos partes . Este es una de mis mayores ilusiones y me gustaria tomar la mejor decision y estar lo mejor informado y tambien para ser reconocido por las dos partes .Espero me pueda guiar para en un futuro ser un verdadero religioso y no un charlatan como tantos que he conocido que se enriquesen a costa de la ignorancia de las personas y nunca se dignan a entender lo sagrado que es IFA .

  30. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Ogbo Ato Geronimo,
    Thank you for your comment and your observations. I understand the struggle Afrikans in the diaspora experienced in preserving our heritage as they traversed the middle passage. This is the be respected and honored. Our point here at is to spread the knowledge and the practice of Ifa and Orisa worship as it is practiced in Ile-Ife, the Source of the Yoruba People. For those who are interested in learning how we practice in Ile-Ife, this site is here to facilitate this. We are not here to disparage other forms practiced elsewhere but to illucidate some differences and to promote learning understanding and the words of Orunmila.
    Thank you again for visiting and may Ifa continue to guide you on your journey.

    Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni

  31. Oloye Aikulola Iwindara Fawehinmi Says:

    Mr. “Aguila de Ifa” is what we call in yoruba language an “omo ale, agbaya osi, alabosi.” He hides under his pseudonym and never shows his face and very openly tries to speak with authority on West African Orisa tradition when he has never even been to Yoruba land and relies on the false accounts of detractors of West African Orisa Tradition. We are not surprised by the blatant lies he and those of his like mind create to smear the reputation of pioneers of West African Ifa Tradition, nor are we surprised by the hypocracy of his and those like him. It is also not surprising that he mentions that Ile Ife is only in existence for no longer than 500 years…essentially discrediting his own tradition and community which ultimately has its roots in Yorubaland. Very foolish of him that to try to prove his false point goes so far as too knowingly or unknowingly shake the foundation of his own tradition. Poor foolish, cowardly soul.

  32. Oba Nla Says:

    Ekaaro gbogbo jou Egbomi Afrika

    Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni my respek, jy praat oor die te help wat gelei het tot die manier en dit is ons kultuur tussen wêrelde, en bok wonder hoe kan ek reis IFA studie te bestudeer al hier in Brasilië Ek is ‘n 28 jaar bestudeer het, die seun van Sango vloeistof met Afrikaanse felix awomindire die stad van Osogbo en weet Babalawo ifaloju Ore Iwo beni? asook bel om te praat met die Here? des en Adupé Orunko gevrees vir Oba Nla ni emi ile beni Brasilië?

  33. gipsy Says:

    I would like to have some information in ifa initiation, thanks can anyone refer me to someone ,,serious inquiries only.thanks

  34. ladyosoon Says:

    i am looking for ifa priest in mrselle france can anyone help

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  36. Fashola Says:

    To: Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni.

    Please i reside in Lagos and i will like to see an Ifa priest for consultation. i will be glad if you can help me with a contact. my personal email is


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    aboru aboyeoooooo buenas para las personas de esta web aburos de verdad da tristeza todo este circo ifa dece que el babalawo que hable mal de un babalawo se estara hablando mal de si mismo creo que esta pagina se trata de orientar y enseñar veo que mucha gente se salio de la informacion es feo que entre hermanos y seres humanos nos estemos tirando y destruyendo sea la iniciacion que sea somos seguidores de ifa orisa hablan mal de la diaspora senores si no hubiera una magia o esencia eso no ubiera caminado tanto no creo que olodumare ubiera dejado que evolucionara en tantos paises no critico a nadie solo soy realista asia lo que veo si estoy claro que hay cosas no estan bien hay que correjir eso es lo que necesitamos que nos orienten mas no criticarnos gracias a esta diaspora se conose en el mundo la odoracion a orisa y ifa osea esa cultura nunca murio sino se espandio si como no hay gente que viaja a nigeria a buscar titulos y orisassabenno son honestos buscan es popularidad y grandeza para humillar a los religiosos de la diaspora ponernos como estafadores no lo veo correcto yo digo si a mi me a ido bien e evolucionado porque negar lo que a mi me cambio la vida para bien y si hablamos de estafa eso lo hay a nivel mundial como cubanos de la diaspora como tambien africanos del tradicional africano senores seamos concientes a la realidad y respetemonos traten de orientar mas no de undir a nadie espero que mis palabras no allan ofendido a nadie los foros son para aprender no para chismes saludos y mis respetos asure iwori wofun aseoooo

  43. olaaaaaaaa Says:

    Please I need a good ifa priest I can explain my problem to… How can I reach u

  44. Blueangel Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise,

    Greetings to you learned ladies and gentle men. I will appriaciate it if I can get the contact email address or phone number of an experienced Babalawo from Ile-Ife for consultation and learning. It will be nice if there is contact information phone number and email address on this web site. Thank you.

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