Olokun Odun Akara: The Festival of Akara

Posted on 20 June 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Odun Akara (bean cake) festival was held Tuesday, June 16th in Ile-Ife.  In this festival all the babalawo and the ojugbona paraded through the streets of Ile-Ife to many the local shrines including Origi and other Orisha shrine.s  The people of Ife made Akara (bean cake) to eat, feed the babalawos and deities.




After this ritual they babalawos performed the Ojumamaworire that night until the  morning of the following day.  This took place in each individual compound.  Singing, dancing and chanting adura continued all night through the next day.  Each Orisha was called using ritual language.






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  1. cristian Says:

    babalawo awolabi my respect to his person or ifa am practitioner of Santeria Cuban diaspora but I live in Venezuela since I am Venezuelan and I want to know what are the deities or orishas that are received or delivered and the people that start and ISE FA family because my desire is to practice ifa traditional but here in Venezuela tell me one thing and another in a quote somewhere else and I really like this so I have very shocked and I want to know the truth regarding this ceremony which is the first step to further my knowledge I appreciate your response as soon as possible thank you very much and bless you Olodumare grabs for you and my thanks for your time

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