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The Araba Agbaye

Posted on 13 April 2009 by Ifayeni Aworeni

The Araba Agbaye and his youngest daughter

The Araba Agbaye and his youngest daughter

The reigning Araba Agbaye is Araba Aworeni Adisa Makoranwale.

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  1. julio suarez Says:

    hello I want to know how to contact the agbaye araba odu wish to receive and what is the cost in dollars, thanks

  2. javier pereira Says:

    Good evening, I would like to know the prices of the consecrations: osun, odu, ogboni, oro, oduduwa, obatala,iyaami,olokun I thank you very much for writing venezuela javier pereira I am planning to go there to have some consecrations ah

  3. Awobodede Says:

    Thank you for sharing the information on this site and highlighting the significance of Araba Agbaye. May the Araba and the Aworeni family live long! May Oke Tase prosper! And may Ifa bless us all!
    Ifa a gbe O!

  4. Ozzie Barrera Says:

    Good evening,IM writning from the united states.I live in the state of florida.
    I would like to have contact with the great araba agbaye.I have great respect and insperation to araba agbaye.Im intrested in conserating into igabodu and other deities of ifa.I hope to here from you soon.

  5. Ifatomilayo Aworeni -Michael cyrus Says:

    Aboru aboye abosise

    I was very happy to discover this site.Omitosin told me about it I always wanted a reliable link with the Araba. The Araba Agbaye gave me a hand of Ifa in 2007. I will continue to keep in touch through this webpage. Please convey to Baba my best wishes and regards.

    I would like to know EXACTLY how I should care for my Ikin and the making of offerings to my Icofa.

    Modupe o

  6. Orilana Aworeni Says:

    I am very happy to know that this web site exists, this way I will be able to have more direct communication with Babá Owolabi Aworeni, I wish you thousand successes and hope to see you very prompt.

  7. Sergio Carnielli Says:

    aboru boye o, mo júbà o!

    Odùdúwà, Has some feed ban, a taboo? He likes wine of palm (Emu), from palm oil(epo púpà) , salt (iyò), or it can not with these elements? Thank you, if possible reply me in my email and tell me how can I do to contact you, kindly, S.C.

    Ire o, ire àláfíà àti ire àìkú fún awa gbogbo!!!

  8. chief ifagbamila aworeni Says:

    HOLA A AWORENI my family I am very happy to see such a website for the family, A MY BABA ARABA AND RESPECT BABA Tünde, AWOFOLAJU And we met in San Pablo VERMES THIS YEAR AND IF WE WANT TO OLODUMARE IL IN JUNE AND JULY IN IFE VENEZUELA

  9. Ifateju Aworeni Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise

    Saludos querido Ojugbona, que alegria ver esta pagina con las fotos de nuestro Padre espiritual espero que todo este muy bien, mas alla que estamos en contacto directo y asiduo pero siempre es bueno ver como Ifá y nuestra familia sigue el proceso de evolución para que todos pueden realmente conocer la verdad!

    Ogbo ato asure iwiriwofun!!!!

  10. Ifateju Aworeni Says:

    Ojugbona Greetings dear, what a joy to see this page with photos of our spiritual father I hope that everything is fine, beyond that we are in regular and direct contact, but it is always good to see our family as Ifá and follows the process of evolution for all can really know the truth!

  11. Sergio Carnielli Says:

    Aboru boye, mo júbà o! What are the foods we can offer to Odùdúwà, we can make oil from palm oil (epo púpà) in his food? “Iyán”, “Akara”, “ole”, “eko”, so he eats those foods, or any of those he does not like? Being “funfun” we can offer to it (òrí)? He drinks of palm wine (emu) or prefers “Oti”? Grateful, that the father of all Yoruba longividade for all of you! Please if possible reply on my e-mail. Kí Odùdúwà Bàbá awa fún wa gbogbo ire o, ire àláfíà àti ire àìkú! Àse o!

  12. Charmaine (Adeyemi) Says:

    Alafia. I am so happy to see this site. It means alot to me to see the Araba. I received Obatala from the Obal’esu and the Araba in November 1995 in Ile Ife. The Araba also fed my K’ofa that accompanied me and gave me valuable advice on how to take care of Ifa. I have never met a more sweet and insightful man. He came to Oakland, CA in 1997(?)and I met him again and welcomed him as well as introduced him to my husband. He remembers all his children even though we do not visit as often as we would like. Please convey the best of wishes to my Baba and his family. I met one of his sons and according to the pictures I see (his face has not changed), how time flies, as he is so grown now. Best of wishes

    Iboru, Iboye, Ibosise

    Charmaine (Origbemi,Oduara Adeyemi)

  13. Ifa PaaMu Tokun/ bea guerire Says:

    Aboru Aboye. Araba Agbaye. Contragulations on your baby. God bless her and the family. Welcome to the world baby. BeaGuerire.

  14. Ifayorijú Aworení Says:

    Aború, Aboyé , Abosisé…

    I am very happy to find this website, I was initiated by the Oluwo Ifatejú Aworení in Argentina. My desire is to continue to learn from my elders of Ifa

    Iré Ogbo Ato

  15. ifa ori alaola Says:

    aboru aboye abosise…



    mis respeto a el baba araba agbaye adisa mokaranwole aworeni, muy bien que todos sus hijos esten llevando el buen camino de ifa (ahijados).
    Espero verlo pronto cuando vaya para nigeria antes de que finalice el año.
    si olodumare y baba orunmila me acompañan a ese paso.
    Un fuerte abrazo y seguimos creciendo.
    ogbo ato asure iwori wofun…

  16. Darryl Murray Says:

    My name is Darryl Louis Murray, Ifa Yoriju, “Rocky” I am in Trouble, I need the Araba, I am his Godchild, people are trying to kill me here in the U.S. please somebody send me an e:mail Jowo.

    Oshe!!!, Rocky

  17. Frank Says:

    I would like in the near future do my initiation. I have been venerating the orishas for more than 20 years. Question what is the price for initiation.

  18. Fabio Di Lauro Says:

    Aboru Aboye
    I wonder if you can show me a Babalawo here in Brazil.

  19. Babalawo Aworeni Says:

    Aboru Aboye,
    I cannot recommend a Babalawo in Brazil, but please continue to visit
    Thank you,
    Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni

  20. Fabio Di Lauro Says:

    Hello, I want to start the worship of ifa, how long is the initiation? how much? Anyone can start? Thank you very much

  21. omilai Says:

    a priest can be gay because in santeria Cuban they prohibe.themselves says that the children of ogun and oya do not happen to ifa, this is truth?

  22. Oliveira Says:

    Hello everyone. I am from Paris.. en France.. i would like to meet one Babalawo.. try to know more about this religion ; i am passioned about it.
    I would like know about me and my life.. “i heard” they have like a Opêlé ifa to know the thigs about live.. Thank you all..
    I will wait yours answers.
    My eamils is..

  23. Obara Oloba Says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosese!!
    Hello everyone there at the Source!!!
    My holly greetings from Caracas – Venezuela!!!
    Hey Baba Owolabi…
    I’d like to confirm a big news i’ve just received from a Facebook site posted
    here in Caracas that announces Baba Araba Agbaye, Aworeni Adisa Mokoramwale will
    be here next september.
    I would like you to confirm if this info is OK
    If so, please, i’d like to know Baba Araba’s Venezuelan Journey Schedule in
    order to meet him by that time.
    Send Baba Araba my respectfull greetings!!
    Thanks in advance!!
    Aboru Aboye Abosese

  24. Isela Carpio Says:

    Hola deseo saber como contactar a Adisa Makoranwale Aworeni, por favor escribame!!!
    ISela Carpio

  25. otura irete Says:

    aboru aboye ibosise i have been iniciated in IFA in Cuba. I would like to find out if i want to be iniciated in traditional IFA would I have to start all over again into my iniciation in the traditional IFA? and also need the path and prices to become iniciate in traditional IFA i will apreciate all the information as soon as you can in order for me to get started in preparation for my trip to Africa

    Agbo Ato

  26. ifalami aworeni Says:

    Gostaria de obter informações sobre a data do festival mundial de Ifá em 2013. Desejamos sair com uma delagação do Brasil.

  27. Feyishara Says:

    Help neede towards my destiny. Plz help sir.

  28. Lily 6 Says:

    I want to know more about the orunmila, ive been told he wants to save me, i had no idea about this beautiful religion or the name but it has given me hope,ive been dealing with spirits for the last year and i am surprised i havnt killed myself or gone completely insane, please help!what do i do now?

  29. Opeyemi Says:

    Aboru aboye bo sise o.

    Please I need help, I want to find out about my destiny.

    I will appreciate your reply.
    Thank you very much.

  30. Sulaimon oluwo Says:

    I need help

  31. iifawunmi Says:

    Aboru boye ooo,plz I want to no more about ifa And other deities

  32. ogunade babatunde Says:

    i need odu ifa irete ogbe and what to do both ewo

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