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Elements of Ifa Part IV: Odu Ifa

Posted on 07 April 2010 by Babalawo Aworeni

Igi Ope at Oketase

Odu Ifa is an element that comes from the heavens and is used by Orunmila to assist human beings in their daily lives.  There are 256 Odu with 16 major Odu (Ojudumerindinlogun).  The remaining minor Odu are called Amulu.

When Odu was still in the heavens, Ofun Meji was their elder.  All the Odu gathered in the heavens to discuss coming to earth, however Ofun Meji wasn’t ready to leave heaven at that time.  In heaven Eji Ogbe was the youngest, however it was Eji Ogbe that came to earth first followed by Oyeku Meji, then Iwori Meji, Edi Meji, Obara Meji, Okanran Meji, Irosun Meji, Owonrin Meji, Ogunda Meji, Osa Meji, Irete Meji, Etura Meji, Eturopon Meji, Ika Meji Ose Meji, followed lastly by Ofun Meji.

Upon reaching the earth Ofun Meji began fighting the younger Odu in an attempt to regain the position that he held in the heavens.  He fought and defeated Ose Meji, Ika Meji, Etura Meji, Irete Meji, Osa Meji and Ogunda Meji.  When he fought Owonrin Meji there was no winner.  To this day no one knows the elder between Owonrin Meji and Ofun Meji.

The 16 Major Odu Ifa in Ile-Ife are as follows:

Eji Ogbe     Oyeku Meji     Iwori Meji     Edi Meji     Obara Meji    Okanran Meji

Irosun Meji     Owonrin Meji     Ogunda Meji     Osa Meji     Irete Meji

Etura Meji     Eturupon Meji     Ika Meji     Ose Meji     Ofun Meji

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