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Odun Elefin Araba Agbaye 2009

Posted on 24 June 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni


The Odun Elefin festival for the Araba Agbaye was held Tuesday, June 23, 2009. This is the festival of Orunmila where the Araba Agbaye will pray for all Ifa devotees. During the celebration the Araba became the Ekun Orisa, where he symbolically transformed into a leopard. The symbol of the leopard can only be represented by the Araba Agbaye.

Mo po ju wo eyin kin ri oba Araba da amotekun odese odieranko abifinlara

This proverb is for the Araba Agbaye and says to look back to see the King, the Araba has turned into the leopard. The Araba looks like the animal with spots, he is the leopard.


The Araba emerged from the chamber of Ilebora at Oketase and went to the Origi.



At the Origi the Araba performed many rituals and chanted adura for all the people gathered.


Next, the Araba and all the people gather proceeded to the Ooni’s Palace. On the way to the Palace the Araba and all the Awo did many spiritual rituals.


All the Ojugbona sang and chanted adura at the Palace. All the Awoolodumerindinlogun consulted Ifa when at the palace. Then they went to the Araba Agbaye and recited the Odu that fell. Because of the secret nature of the true consultation, all the Awoolodumerindinlogun when asked by the Araba in public they replied Eji Ogbe, Ire Aje, etc. This is from the Agbongbon to the last of the Awoolodumerindinlogun.

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Olokun Odun Akara: The Festival of Akara

Posted on 20 June 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Odun Akara (bean cake) festival was held Tuesday, June 16th in Ile-Ife.  In this festival all the babalawo and the ojugbona paraded through the streets of Ile-Ife to many the local shrines including Origi and other Orisha shrine.s  The people of Ife made Akara (bean cake) to eat, feed the babalawos and deities.




After this ritual they babalawos performed the Ojumamaworire that night until the  morning of the following day.  This took place in each individual compound.  Singing, dancing and chanting adura continued all night through the next day.  Each Orisha was called using ritual language.






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World Ifa Festival 2009

Posted on 09 June 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni


The Orunmila Barami Agbonmiregun, the World Ifa Festival was held Saturday June 6, 2009 at Oketase the World Ifa Temple, Ile-Ife. This festival celebrates the New Year for all the traditional Yoruba practitioners.

In the odu Oyeku Irete the festival is referenced:

Opokun Babalawo onigeti lo se Ifa fun won nigeti, oreku Babalawo ileri lo se Ifa fun won nileri, ati opoku ati oreku Babalawo onitase lo se Ifa fun onitase.
This passage tells of Orunmila’s decision to reside at Oketase where all the world will come to worship him. As a result the Ikin of Orunmila to this day continues to be held at Oketase where once a year at the Ifa New Year all the babalawos around the world gather to say adura and feed the Ikin of Orunmila. Each town in Yorubaland and from around the world send their singers, dancers, high chiefs and Ifa priests to represent their
town at the festival.


The festival began in the early morning on Saturday. All the babalawos gathered and traveled around Ile-Ife to all the Orisa shrines.

When they returned the Babalawos joined the Araba Agbaye at Oketase and proceeded to the palace of the Ooni.




At the Ooni’s palace all the Awoolodumerindinlogun (highest order babalawo), the Araba Agbaye and other priests from other cities and countries fed the Origi located in the palace.



After they finished all the rituals at the palace, they returned to Oketase. Many more rituals took place at Oketase, the World Ifa Temple.


Following these rituals the babalawos consulted Ifa. After they consulted Ifa each babalawo from different towns recited Ifa verses with regard to the Odu that fell.


After this, everyone present said their own personal adura.

In the morning the all the babalawos and priests proceeded to the palace to personally greet the Ooni in the New Year and recite the meaning
of this year’s Odu. The Ooni discussed with those gathered the Odu and what the New Year will bring. The Ooni also gave advice and participated in the morning’s festivities.

After they left the palace, they returned to Oketase and made the sacrifice for the New Year.

The Odu for the New Year is : Etura Ofun (Ire Aje)

This Odu says that money will be coming. There will be assistance for those in need. One needs to look for that which will assist them to gain money in the new year.

According to this Odu:

Etura ra fun ra fun Babalawo lo se Ifa fun owo (hand)

Ifa is saying in this Odu that no one will suffer in this year.

Wo wo wo awo ebi do Babalawo meriyeri lo se Ifa fun meriyeri to sawo lo si oko oloburo. Alukin fun orogun re

Ifa is also saying that we need to be careful not to be envious of other, not to be jealous. We should have patience and endure whatever hardship. We should be careful about that which is too shiny, too beautiful. Do not be so prideful that you cannot take advice, be open and heed the advice given. This odu is telling us to following instructions and rules.

According to the Yoruba proverb:

Sa bi Ologun se wi

The meaning is to follow the instructions given, don’t add or delete, endure and do what you are told.

All those that hinder growth and are envious and jealous (ilara) will meet their demise.

Each indivudal should make a sacrifice for Ifa, Aje, Iyaami and Esu. For more specific details please write us at

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Arisun Idana Ile Aafin

Posted on 04 June 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Arisun Idana Ile Aafin festival was held on Monday, June 1, 2009 in Ile-Ife. In this festival, the Araba and the elder the Awos must pick the Ewe (leaf) at the Osara Shrine and use it to wash the Ikin and Odu of Oduduwa. These are the Ikin held by the Ooni of Ife.

At night all the Awos and the Chiefs in Ile-Ife, including Lowa, Jaran, and Omirin (Emese) sleep in the palace. In the early morning they feed the Ikin and the Odu of Oduduwa. Also in the morning the Awos will go to Oketase and continue to say adura over the Ikin and Odu Oduduwa.

Before the procession to the Osara Shrine in the afternoon the elder chiefs met at Oketase.


Following the meeting, the precession began down the streets in the center of Ile-Ife towards the Osara Shrine.arabamarch


The elder Awos and chiefs continued to the Osara Shrine to pick the Ewe while the rest of the precession and the Ojugbona stopped at the Origi in the Moniki compound. The younger Awos and Ojugbona of Oketase fed the Origi. They said many prayers, recited Odu Ifa, sang and danced.


The precession through the streets ended at the Ooni’s Palace.



That evening the Awos returned to the Ooni’s Palace to feed and pray over the Ikin and Odu of Orunmila.


The singing and dancing of the elder Awos continued throughout the night.


The Awo’s stayed in the Ooni’s Palace all night celebrating and chanting adura until the early morning.

Orunmila historically helped Oduduwa feed his Ikin and Odu. During this festival the Araba Agbaye as the representative of Orunmila on Earth helps the Ooni to feed the Ikin and Odu of Oduduwa.

This festival refers to the Egbodo Ooni, which must be performed for the New Year to be ushered in. The Ooni must eat a spiritual yam for the sacrifice to be complete. Five days following the Egbodo Ooni and feeding of Oduduwa’s Ikin and Odu, the Orunmila Babarami Agboniregun festival will take place the Oketase World Ifa Temple.

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