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The words Loyal and Betray are quite often misunderstood.

Posted on 07 April 2023 by Babalawo Aworeni


The words Loyal and Betray are quite often misunderstood. These words, loyalty and betrayal are something to think deeply about. Loyalty is seen and felt not just said. Loyalty is like the word love, it must be felt and shown and not just spoken. In other words, it must be acted and not just spoken only. Betrayal on the other hand, seems to be more seen and felt and experienced these days because of the characteristics of some people. 

Take for example, I will use the word loyalty to show reference to the relationship of a pet dog and its owner. The owner of the dog nurtures, cares for, pets, feeds, shows love, shows compassion, takes the pet dog to the veterinarian for the regular checks and if the pet dog becomes ill, attends to ensure health is restored and etc. The dog, would show his gratitude by being loyal to its owner. 

The point is, as humans, we speak the word LOYAL without acting the word LOYAL. The word loyal shows if someone has gratitude for life and all that comes in it or not, in turn, this is where betrayal comes in. It means that you can betray the source of your life by such actions. My point is, you and another person can have a disagreement, we are humans, we are not perfect, but it does not mean you should automatically betray that person because of disagreement. Were you loyal genuinely even in agreement? 

I always prefer to use myself as an example and prime example to exemplify my word. I, His Eminence Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni, The Araba Agbaye Oluisese Makoranwale II, The Arole Orunmila, am very loyal and will always be loyal ISESE, I can never betray Isese. My loyalty to Olodumare, Orunmila, my Ori, all Orisa, Egbe, all Ancestors because without a doubt,  they are LOYAL to me, they have never betrayed me. Loyalty is not just spoken but is seen and felt.

Loyalty, like the word love is not to be taken for granted and played with. Betrayal,like the word hate should be avoided as much as possible. As I recently told someone, we must not only preach the Word of Ifá, but we must Act the Word of Ifá. 

His Spiritual Eminence,

Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni

The Araba Agbaye Olu-isese 

Makoranwale II

Arole Orunmilla.

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His Eminence, Araba Agbaye journey to Trinidad and Tobago

Posted on 24 December 2019 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was graced with the presence of His Eminence, The Araba Agbaye Oluisese Makoranwale II, Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni on Saturday 7th December 2019 by the Kenny Cyrus Alkebulan Ile Ijuba (KCAII).  His Eminence visit to the twin island a short visit, but a visit to be able to accomplish goals of meeting the State Dignitaries and Heads of Shrines from the islands.


The topic arose on the day of his official welcoming, that we must continue to have Love and Peace among ourselves firstly for us to keep going forward as we do not want the hard work of our ancestors to go in vain.  Trinidad and Tobago once a part of the enslavement of our fore-fathers and fore-mothers and colonialism, was somehow able to preserve and conserve the African Tradition which our Ancestors came with from the Mother-Land, Mama Africa during and after the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.


His Eminence, The Araba Agbaye Oluisese Makoranwale II, Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni met with the President of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Tuesday 10th December 2019.  His Eminence was embraced and welcomed by the representative of the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Her Excellency Christine Kangaloo, Acting President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, on behalf of Her Excellency President Paula-Mae Weekes.


His Eminence expressed his gratitude and extended his greetings to the people of Trinidad and Tobago to Her Excellency ChristineKangaloo.  His Eminence gave a brief history of his background and his late father’s visit, His Eminence Chief Adisa Awoyemi Aworeni to Trinidad and Tobago in 2007.  His Eminence informed Her Excellency of intentions of bringing peace, love and unity among Trinidad and Tobago and the Ifa/Orisa community and by extension maintaining the ties between Nigeria and Trinidad and Tobago.


His Eminence, The Araba Agbaye Oluisese Makoranwale II, Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni met with Government of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago official, Monday 16th December 2019.  His Eminence was embraced and welcomed by the representative of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, The Honourable Fitzgerald Hinds, Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs.


Minister Hinds gave a warm welcome to His Eminence on behalf of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and as the Representative of the Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr Keith Rowley.  Dr Rowley was not able to attend the meeting but his best wishes were received.  The role and importance of His Eminence, as the Araba Agbaye was explained to Minister Hinds which also a bio-data was provided.  His Eminence and Minister Hinds began their discussions with the purpose of the visit by His Eminence, the Araba Agbaye by giving a brief history when his late father, His Eminence, Chief Adisa Awoyemi Aworeni Makoranwale I visited Trinidad and Tobago in 2007 who was hosted by the late Iyalode Awo Agbaye, Chief Ifakorede Oyayemi Aworeni, Iyalorisa Joan Cyrus, the previous Spiritual Head of KCAII.


His Eminence expressed to Minister Hinds, his greatest intentions for him to achieve during his visit to the shores of the twin islands is to pray and bring peace, love, blessings and the best wishes to Trinidad and Tobago as the Araba Agbaye Oluisese, the Arole of Orunmila.  Trinidad and Tobago is blessed as there are many diversities of cultures and races, and among them, the Ifa/Orisa community.  The Ifa/Orisa community has come a long way at least in the last thirty years, progress can be seen within the community in Trinidad and Tobago.  For example, there was once a bill that if anyone caught beating the drums, would have been arrested and/or imprisoned. Anyone under the Orisa tradition can now be married under the Orisa Marriage Act and it is recognised.



On Monday 16th December 2019, a meeting was called by His Eminence to be held at the KCAII by inviting all Heads of Shrines and Elders of Trinidad and Tobago to hold a meeting to discuss a way forward as a unit, the Ifa/Orisa community.  Various heads of Shrines attended the meeting.  The discussion began after homage was paid to Olodumare and the Orisas and everyone introduced themselves and their shrines.  Baba Araba Agbaye shared to the community his visit and the reception he was received by the Representative of the President and the Representative of the Prime Minister.


The Ifa/Orisa community is recognised and is known as a community in Trinidad and Tobago, however, there need to be more strength and unity as a unit to be well recognised and well respected.  There must be at least two or three persons that can speak on behalf of the Ifa/Orisa community and not as individuals.  The otherreligious communities are represented and recognised and are able to benefit from the State.  We too need to be recognised and represented for us to go further than where we are currently.  Yes, the Ifa/Orisa community has come a long way, but we can reach further than where we are right now once we form as a unit and select someone who can represent us all as community and not as individuals.  Persons visiting from Africa to Trinidad and Tobago and by extension, the Diaspora, also have a role to play.  They too must also ensure when they visit, they add positivity by spreading peace and unity and not add tension and division among the shrines.


Another concern raised in the meeting was the roles and responsibilities of persons who hold Chieftaincy Titles and their contributions which are needed in the Ifa/Orisa community to make it a better place particularly for Trinidad and Tobago. Persons received titles that are recognised among the Ifa/Orisa community in Trinidad and Tobago, but their roles and function may not be understood based on their title, which is also another issue to be addressed among the community.


Baba Araba Agbaye suggested we start practicing Ile Ijuba as the Ifa/Orisa community for us to be able to come together to serve Olodumare, the Orisas and Honourable Ancestors at a specific time.  This would be in our proposal to the Government for us to able to receive Land for the Ifa/Orisa community.  Minister Hinds mentioned in discussions with His Eminence that the Government is ready to assist the Ifa/Orisa community once a legal committee is formed and will represent all Ifa/Orisa practioneer throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


At the end of the meeting with His Eminence and the Heads of Shrines and Elders, a forum was created via social media to begin the discussions to start a committee and to continue the discussions for us to keep going forward.


His Eminence departed Trinidad and Tobago on Thursday 19thDecember 2019 to return to his native land, Ile-Ife Nigeria.  While his visit was short on the shores of the twin islands, we pray that His Eminence will continue to teach us and guide us through his teachings as Ifa/Orisa devotees in Trinidad and Tobago need to keep going forward.


His father who visited our shores in 2007, left an indelible impression on the community of Ifa/Orisa community and his visit to Trinidad and Tobago, will never be forgotten.  History was again repeated in 2019 by the visit of as His Eminence, The Araba Agbaye Oluisese Makoranwale II, Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni who also left an indelible impression on the community with his words of wisdom and his desire for peace and a harmonious relationship among the Ifa/Orisa community.


The future is bright for Ifa/Orisa devotees in Trinidad and Tobago.  The Ancestors laid the foundation for us to stand on in Trinidad and Tobago, all thanks and praises are to be given to Olodumare, Esu, Orunmila, all the Orisas and all honourable Ancestors.  His Eminence, Baba Araba Agbaye Oluisese Makoranwale II, the Arole of Orunmila, gratitude and appreciation would always be given for your knowledge and wisdom shared with Trinidad and Tobago.  Long Life, more prosperity and blessings to His Eminence Baba Araba Agbaye and we hope that this would be the first of many visits to come.

Iyanifa Omitosin Cyrus Aworeni.

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Odun Agbon Osara and Olokun Festival

Posted on 05 May 2019 by Babalawo Aworeni

This festival is the celebration of Osa and Olokun. The odu Ifa that talks about this festival is Osa Meji. It was divined for Olokun and Osa.


Osa and Olokun are the wives of Oduduwa. During this time only Olokun had money Osa was very poor. Olokun is the first wife of Oduduwa and did not have any children. Because of her childlessness she advised Oduduwa to marry another wife.




This second wife is Osa. imageBoth Osa and Olokun were told to make the sacrifice. Only Osa made the sacrifice. Osa was the only one to have children and Olokun remained childless. image During this festival the king calls all his children to wear Agbon and celebrate. Only Osa had the children and Olokun did not have the children to dance in the festival.


They sing: olomo loni laye osara mo ko omode o oye ye ko.


Because Olokun didn’t have children she was sad and went to the sea.


This is why she left Ile-Ife and went to Eko and changed to the ocean. In the end Orunmila made an extraordinarily large sacrifice for her to have children and at last she had children. image The Agbon festival is celebrated every year and this year was enjoyed and attend by the Araba Agbaye, his children, all the Awos, the Emese, Osara people and their children.


Orishada would like to thank all who attended this year’s Agbon festival and we look forward to next year’s festivities.


Ododun lari orogbo Ododun lari arusa Ododun lari omo obi lori ate Ododun la o ma ri lode isalaye Ododun lawo toro lowo olodumare Won ko ni fi enikeni sa wa ti o Gbogbo Eyin Ololufe Orishada Ibanuje koni je ti yin o Ase Adupe gidigidi lowo gbogbo ololufe wa Ase ye samo odun asamodun semi Ase o.


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World Ifa Festival 2018

Posted on 04 June 2018 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Orunmila Barami Agbonmiregun, the World Ifa Festival was held Saturday June 2-3, 2018 at Oketase the Ile Ifa Agbaye (World Ifa Temple), Ile-Ife. This festival celebrates the New Year for all the traditional Yoruba practitioners.

This year’s World Ifa festival was attended by thousands of people from all over the world. The rituals began in the early morning and will continue into the following day.

The odu Ifa of world Ifa festival that came out for the new year is ODU ATEKA IRE. It is Ire Aya (blessing of wife) The Odu says there would be plenty of Ire for the new year. Some of the Ire would be good fortune, expansion in business, new connections and many untold Ire would find everyone.

The Odu speaks further one should be humble. That is humility should be watchword of every human beings. And any younger ones who have offended his or her boss should be encourage to seek for the boss forgiveness. The Odu says anyone who has promised individuals or group should try in fulfilling such promise because it is very important.

The Odu also have reference to Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi that he would live long on the throne of his forefathers and the Odu advised the ooni should try to fulfill his promises he made to Ife people before his emergence.

The Odu says that the Araba Agbaye would live long. Also the olodumerindinlogun should be transparent in all their dealings and should be united. That all pregnant women here present would delivered safely.

Ifa devotees must take care of their destiny in this New Year. One must feed their head for it is the head that will bless you in this New Year. There may be fighting, a practitioner of Ifa should not fight.

A lot of children will be born this year. There will be many dada children born. These children will bring a very special blessing with them. It is important to feed Agbonmiregun in the New Year so that the blessings of this odu will manifest. It is also important to feed Ogun and the head.

People who do not have wives will find a wife in this year. Ifa devotees will see the blessings of Ifa in this year.

Ifa also says that if an insult comes out one should not be quick to anger. Use the hand to rub the stomach to keep calm and don’t be quick to be upset. Be careful of friends, they will have the tendency to give bad advice.

Ifa devotees should not drink in excess in this year. Be careful of the words that fall from your mouth, do not curse. Keep a cool head in this year. Take good care of Orunmila.

Married couples will see problems in their relationships, they should persevere. They should not give up the relationship. Ifa tells us that we should not lie in this New Year. To see the truth in other’s lies a sacrifice should be made.

All Ifa devotees should take good care of their children. The children will bring great blessings. There will be many children and many apetebi in this New Year.

Ifa say we have to make a sacrifice to the Esu and you have to be careful about the food that you are eat or drink in out side and don’t stay later in the city because some people they are plan bad thing for people .

Asodun modun ni awo asodun modun
Asoro moro ni awo asoro moro
Ododun lari orogbo
Ododun lari arusa
Ododun lari omo obi lori a te
Ododun lawo toro ire gbogbo
A koni fi odun eyi sa a se mon
Ase ni ti Edumare.

Orishada would like to greet for this Ifa New Year, the Oba Adedeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi Enitan Ojaja ll Olori Alade gbogbo Oonirisa Arole Oduduwa , Awoyemi Adisa Monkanrawale Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo, Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa, Ojugbona, Gbogbo Omo Awo and All Egbe Aworeni Family .

May blessing of Olodumare followings us Ase ooo.

Oloye Afedigba Owolabi Aworeni.


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Oloye Fasina Falade Olubikin of Ile Ife

Posted on 18 May 2018 by Babalawo Aworeni


Orishada recent trip to the diaspora, I was honored to reconnect with Oloye Fasina Falade, the Olubikin of Ile Ife, who currently resides in California, USA. This man is the root of the Aworeni family in the diaspora, and has done much to support Oke Tase, and to spread Ifa throughout the world.


He was initiated into Ifa in May of 1986 by the late Araba of Ile Ife, Fasuyi Omopariola. He later received Odu and his chieftaincy title from the current Araba Oluisese Agbaye, Adisa Mokanranwale Aworeni Awoyemi. Oloye Fasina created the first website on the internet (Ijo Orunmila) promoting traditional African spiritual culture. He also started one of the first Ifa Temples in the diaspora, Ara Ifa Ijo Orunmila of Los Angeles, which operated under the odu Osa Tura.


He was one of the first Awo in the diaspora to wear the green and brown ide and ileke Ifa. He has made many trips to Ile Ife, and has done much to support the Ifa temple and annual Odun Ifa at Oke Tase. We must never forget our progenitors, and those who have paved the way for worshipers in the diaspora to reconnect with the source. Other esteemed elders include Sangobukola Odunfa (Kay Fields), Baba Ogunlade John Turpin, and Oloye Yagbe Onilu the Agbakin of Ile Ife. The legacy of Oloye Fasina Falade continues through those he has taught and initiated, including Oloye Fayomi Falade Aworeni, Iya Abiye Awo Agbaye.


We thank Olodumare for the many blessings bestowed upon Oloye Fasina, and pray for continued blessings. May the Aworeni family continue to show gratitude and appreciation for our elders. May we continue to develop our character and speak the truth.

Happy Annual World Ifa Festival {Odun Ifa Agbaye Oke Agbonmiregun 2018} in advance.

Orunmila A gbe wa Ase oo.

Oloye Afidigba Owolabi Aworeni.

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Agbara Okunrin/The Power of the Man

Posted on 12 May 2018 by Babalawo Aworeni

A man is a unique being that greatly compliments a woman. He brings stability and balance in the lives of those that honor him. Honor is a confident boast that unlocks the treasure within a man. It is important to know the right key, when and how to use it, in order to unlock his treasures . Use it right and he is able to make a dry land fertile. The man you respect, will give you the key to his life.
Each time a man receives respect,honor, reverences or any type of praise , he is channeled into being the god that can turn dreams of a woman, home, lives, nations, etc into reality. He will win your battle. Your war  suddenly becomes his war and your victory is his victory.
Instead of women nagging the men, we should feed our men with honor just like we feed our orisas with offerings and worship for blessings and interventions.We should feed our men with magnitude of honor, for him to be able to stand as the pillar that holds the life of our home, and  nothing can destroy or bring down the home because he knows that he is god representative on earth.
A man can equally become destructive to himself, home, loved ones and his nation, when he is constantly dishonored or dwells in an environment that he lacks motivation.
 A man wants to be the protector of a woman his co creator. He wants the woman to recognise  him as a king in a small or big way. When he receives his praise, he is prepared to stand by his queen to support her every step of the way, he will support her to become the woman that she’s destined to be. He will place her in a place where men will respect and honor her in return.
May we learn to take care of our men, through honor,praise,reverence, respect or in any other positive manner that will put him in touch or in alignment of his true self, his true identity and the god he truly is. Lets call forth the best in the lives of our men and he will in return,open the gate to an eternal favor in his presence. Woman know that he is seeking to crown you with glory through your showers of praise and he will in return, and lead to a place that brings honor to all ASE .
1.Ogunda Osa
Ogunda Omosa
Ijaranran Mosojo
Ijaranran lo se Obirin Ogun
Akeke ohun kokoko
lo be lodo lo wa ri
Awon lodifa ifa fun Ogun
To gbe Ogun re ijamoiremi
ebo ni won ko run.
2.Ogbe Osa, Ogbe wole, Ija Osu tule ara ka etc
These odu let us know the power of a man.
Orishada would like to greet His Imperial  Majesty  Oba Adedeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi Enitan Ojaja ll Olori Alade gbogbo Oonirisa  Arole Oduduwa , His Eminence  Awoyemi Adisa Monkanrawale Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo, Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa, Ojugbona, Gbogbo Omo Awo and All Egbe Aworeni Family for  Annual World Ifa festival 2018.
This  festival from 28 of may till 3 of June 2018 refers to the Egbodo Ooni, which must be performed for the New Year to be ushered in. The Ooni must eat a spiritual yam for the sacrifice to be complete. Five days following the Egbodo Ooni and feeding of Oduduwa’s Ikin and Odu, The World Ifa festival {Odun Ifa Agbaye Oke Agbonmiregun 2018} festival will take place at the Oketase World Ifa Temple Ile Ife,Osun State, Nigeria.
Orishada will use this time to thanks Iyanifa Arewa Aworeni for your guidance and assistance. Orunmila barami Agbonmiregun will bless you and our baby Ife Aworeni.

May the blessings of Ifa guide and protect us.  Ase oo.

Oloye Afedigba Owolabi Aworeni.




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Arisun Idana Ile Aafin 2017

Posted on 30 May 2017 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Arisun Idana Ile Aafin festival was held on Monday, May 29, 2016 in Ile-Ife. In this festival, the Araba and the elder the Awos must pick the Ewe (leaf) at the Osara Shrine and use it to wash the Ikin and Odu of Oduduwa. These are the Ikin held by the Ooni of Ife.


At night all the Awos and the Chiefs in Ile-Ife, including Lowa, Jaran, and Omirin (Emese) sleep in the palace. In the early morning they feed the Ikin and the Odu of Oduduwa. Also in the morning the Awos will go to Oketase and continue to say iwure over the Ikin and Odu Oduduwa.


Before the procession to the Osara Shrine in the afternoon the elder chiefs met at Oketase.


Following the meeting, the precession began down the streets in the center of Ile-Ife towards the Osara Shrine.


The elder Awos and chiefs continued to the Osara Shrine to pick the Ewe while the rest of the precession and the Ojugbona stopped at the Origi in the Moniki compound. The younger Awos and Ojugbona of Oketase fed the Origi. They said many prayers, recited Odu Ifa, sang and danced.

The precession through the streets ended at the Ooni’s Palace.

That evening the Awos returned to the Ooni’s Palace to feed and pray over the Ikin and Odu of Orunmila.

The singing and dancing of the elder Awos continued throughout the night

The Awo’s stayed in the Ooni’s Palace all night celebrating and chanting adura until the early morning.


Orunmila historically helped Oduduwa feed his Ikin and Odu. During this festival the Araba Agbaye as the representative of Orunmila on Earth helps the Ooni to feed the Ikin and Odu logboje of Oduduwa.

This festival refers to the Egbodo Ooni, which must be performed for the New Year to be ushered in. The Ooni must eat a spiritual yam for the sacrifice to be complete. Five days following the Egbodo Ooni and feeding of Oduduwa’s Ikin and Odu, the Orunmila Babarami Agboniregun festival will take place the Oketase World Ifa Temple .

Oloye Oloriwarefa Owolabi  Aworeni.


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Agbara Orin:The power of the Song

Posted on 30 December 2016 by Babalawo Aworeni


Songs or music is an energy that holds no boundary. It affects the soul that listens to it positively or negatively. It is also a form or way of communication between two people for example, God and man. We use songs and music to communicate peace, healing, prayer, warning, fighting, and war. Our energy field vibrates on either higher or lower level depending on the type of song we sing or music we play.

There is no gathering without songs and music. It plays an important role in every event. Happy or sad ones. Examples of happy events Wedding, naming ceremony, birthday party,coronation ceremony, Festivals, temple, sport , fighting ,warning including war. Examples of sad events are Funeral, war memorial etc.


We have many types of songs such as love songs, spiritual,lullaby, sorrowful, war , fighting , warning etc.There is life force in songs and music. Babies love music. They cry you sing they stop crying. When they are finding it difficult to sleep and you sing, they sleep peacefully.Songs changes the vibration or energy of any environment.When a beautiful song is sang or music played, unity is formed.Everyone instantly forgets their differences. When you also listen to a spiteful or war songs, you spark into anger and everyone remembers their differences .love songs makes anyone that listen to it feel the energy of love. This is why we say that songs or music holds no boundary. Male or female, young or old. It does not discriminate.

Olodumare answers prayers through our song offerings, its a method of communication between man and God. It is a powerful method to call down the presence of the Orisas for their blessings, ritual,feed and guidance. An instant connection with the realms of the spirit happens through song offerings. Your heart sparkles with joy, hope and gladness. There’s a high level of contentment and assurance that all is well. We can never underestimate the spirit force of songs and music.


During the festival we are using song to called all the deities down so that they can be able to answer our offers. Each orisa has their own song and all the icon of spiritual has their own songs too and the different orisa priests has their own songs. When we make a sacrifice or feed the Orisa we are using songs to called all the gods down. We can use songs to make a peace between two people.


In the Odu Ifa Ogbe Sa, Ifa gives the story of how the Apetebi became the wife of Orunmila. Ifa relates that Orunmila went to war in the town of Ilu obirin after all the efforts of the other Orisha were unsuccessful. Orunmila consulted Ifa, made the proper sacrifice and subsequent  was able to defeat the uprising in Ilu obirin. The town of Iluobirin was inhabited by only women. Orunmila used song to capture them in Ilu obirin town when the women were tied together with rope and taken back to the town where Orunmila resided.


Orisas love to be worshiped through songs. A person that connects to the forces through songs will never stop singing even when the song is finished or music stops playing. In your ears exude, inner lyrics of the spirit realms. Your inner ears is so receptive and open to hear soft played orchestral music that ordinary ears cannot hear from the musical realms of the spirits. There’s a change in your energy field because you are a constant worshiper of Olodumare, Orunmila and the orisas through songs. You are a special vessel that they can communicate to, through an invocation of songs. ASE  !!!

Oloye Oloriwarefa Awo Ooni Owolabi Aworeni.


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World Ifa Festival 2016

Posted on 05 June 2016 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Orunmila Barami Agbonmiregun, the World Ifa Festival was held Saturday June 4-5, 2016 at Oketase the  Ile Ifa Agbaye (World Ifa Temple), Ile-Ife. This festival celebrates the New Year for all the traditional Yoruba practitioners.


This year’s World Ifa festival was attended by thousands of people from all over the world. The rituals began in the early morning and will continue into the following day.


The odu Ifa for this year is Obara Irete   – Ire Pupu

This year Ifa says we must remember our wives and that we shouldn’t fight.  If the wife leaves the huse then she will take all the blessings with her.  We must use Oyin and sugar the appease her.  We must be very careful f the words that we use in this year.

Also we need to be careful of what we say around friends,  They maybe planning something that can lead to our downfall.

It is taboo to have sex with another person’s wife.

This year will bring blessings for the Ifa practitioner.  This will be a powerful year.

We must make offering to Osun in this year.  Osun will be giving the blessings.  We must take good care of the females in our lives, in this year.

We must give gifts to the cripple and less fortunate this year.  If you fight there will be embarrassment.

Kings and those with a high title must feed their head with ram.


Orishada would like to greet for this Ifa New Year, the Oba Adedeyeye Enitan Babatunde  Ogunquit Ojaja ll Olori Alade gbogbo Oonirisa  Arole Oduduwa , Awoyemi Adisa Monkanrawale Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo, Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa, Ojugbona, Gbogbo Omo Awo and All Egbe Aworeni Family .

May the blessings of Ifa guide and protect you.  Ase o


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Opele: Element of Divination

Posted on 11 November 2015 by Babalawo Aworeni


Opele is one of the elements used to cast an Ifa reading. Orunmila detected Opele by using Ikin Ifa (oke
iponri) to cast the reading, and he is also the one who guides Orunmila on his way. Orunmila woke up in the morning and cast the reading the Odu that came out was Ejiogbe.


Konbi onitaji , Ilebe ko se dipa 

Eru A difa fun Orunmila To fe

Lo fi Owo ra Irerere leru Irere

La jeku irere laaje aja Atokun

Tosa laaje Ori erinla akiikere

To won ni Ife Ooni Oja koja 

Kito oja agbale, Okun to 

Kun kii To kun yemideregbe

Yemideregbe ni oruko taa pe 

Olokun Orunmila ni kanraa 

Nibu Orunmila ni kanraa loro 

Gbogborogbo ni lowo yo ju ori 

Gbogborogbo ni moriwo ope yo 

Ju ogomon lo Igbo kiidi ki 

Iroko ma yori temi yo temi

Yo ni akikodiye ke.
Ifa said that when he gets to the market to buy some items, that he should first put money on something he does not want to buy. When Orunmila got to the market he looked around for the items he wanted to buy, then he remembered the reading he made. He encountered one slave (Irere) who had a limp leg and was handicap.

Orunmila put moneyon the slave. Orunmila originally used Opele as a housekeeper and to clear the bush. Until one day clients who came to visitOrunmila noticed Opele working outside, before they reached Orunmila , Opele started speaking their problems.

Orunmila discovered Opele had knowledge, Opele was once a human being. Orunmila loved himand treated him as he did his own children. Opele stayed in the house and divined for Orunmila’s visitors, but Opele started speaking ill of Orunmila.
Orunmila’s clients and the people started saying that Orunmila didn’t have power, that Opele had more powerthan Orunmila. One day when Orunmila was traveling, Opele was called to the Olofin’s palace to divine. WhileOpele was at the palace he committed a major offense.

When Orunmila returned to the town, Olofin invitedOrunmila to the palace, and he explained all that Opele had done. Orunmila was very angry, and he begged Olofin forgiveness for Opele’s offense. Orunmila did another reading for Olofin, and did a sacrifice for him.
When Orunmila returned back home he called Opele. Opele started to insult Orunmila, so he took the iroke and knocked Opele on the head. Opele broke into eight pieces . Orunmila didn’t want to throw Opele away, so hejoined the pieces together and used him to consult. He has five elements. They are Bone (egun), Cowries (owo eyo), Stone (okuta), Broken plate (awo ti o fo), Snail button (be bere igbin). The five elements of Opele stand for two options:   Ire (good) and Ibi (bad)20151111_222222

Ibo idi Opele

You have to feed Opele, but there is a specific way to feed it. You can feed it during and when you feed Ifa, but you can’t put it on top of Ifa because it is a slave (eru ki ba olu a mi gun opo). You can feed it anytime you want. There are many different types of Opele:Egbere, Agbigba, Akargba ect… Although Opele tells the truth, Ikin is more accurate. Therefore Ikin is used for more important consultations, like initiations.


Awon Opele

Ki ade pe lori , Ki Bata akun pe lese, Ki irukere akun pe lowo, Ki esin oba je oko pe, Baba yee Oonirisa.



Orishada , Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo, Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa, Ojugbona, Gbogbo Omo Awo and All Entire Aworeni Family Congratulate Kabiyesi Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Oguwusi Ojaja II Olori Alade gbogbo Oonirisa  Arole Oduduwa, May your reign bring goodness & prosperity to the land & the entire people of Ife and all Yoruba kingdom and be peaceful Ase ooo.

Oloye Oloriwarefa Awo Ooni Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni.

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