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Odun Agbon Osara and Olokun Festival 2014

Posted on 06 May 2014 by Babalawo Aworeni

This festival is the celebration of Osa and Olokun.  The odu Ifa that talks about this festival is Osa Meji.  It was divined for Olokun and Osa. Osa and Olokun are the wives of Oduduwa. During this time only Olokun had money Osa was very poor.   Olokun is the first wife of Oduduwa and did not have any children. Because of her childlessness she advised Oduduwa to marry another wife. This second wife is Osa.

imageBoth Osa and Olokun were told to make the sacrifice. Only Osa made the sacrifice. Osa was the only one to have children and Olokun remained  childless.


During this festival the king calls all his children to wear Agbon and celebrate.  Only Osa had the children and Olokun did not have the children to dance in the festival.


They sing:

olomo loni laye

osara mo ko omode

o oye ye ko oyeko.

imageBecause Olokun didn’t have children she was sad and went to the sea.  THis is why she left Ile-Ife and went to Eko and changed to the ocean.  In the end Orunmila made an extraordinarily large sacrifice for her to have children and at last she had children.


The Agbon festival is celebrated every year and this year was enjoyed and attend by the Araba Agbaye, his children, all the Awos, the Emese, Osara people and their children.

imageOrishada would like to thank all who  attended this year’s Agbon festival and we look forward to next year’s festivities.

Ododun lari orogbo

Ododun lari arusa

Ododun lari omo obi lori ate

 Ododun la o ma ri lode isalaye

Ododun lawo toro lowo olodumare

Won ko ni fi enikeni sa wa ti o

Gbogbo Eyin Ololufe Orishada Ibanuje koni je ti yin o Ase

Adupe gidigidi lowo gbogbo ololufe wa Ase ye samo odun asamodun semi Ase o.

Oloye Olori Iwarefa/Ihanrefa Owolabi Aworeni.

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Osetura Agbara Obirin : The power of the woman

Posted on 22 March 2014 by Babalawo Aworeni

photo(4)Osetura Agbara Obirin: The power of the woman

Osetura is the odu that is called when making a sacrifice. If it isn’t called the ebo will not be effective.  The only way an ebo can be effective and be received by Olodumare is for the incantation for Osetura to be called.

The odu Osetura also speaks about the power of women.  It says that if they aren’t given honor and respect then they can anger and they have the ability to destroy the world.

If a woman wants to capture the power from a man, she can use 201 tricks that are intrinsic to all females then they can use an additional 50 tricks after which the man’s power will be theirs if they desire it.

The lives of all males are in the hand of the female.  If a husband is to succeed let us look to his wife.  The success of the family is in the hand for the woman.

We have to give females respect and honor whenever a sacrifice is made.  If any female enter during the time when the sacrifice is being made, then it is said that they the sacrifice has been accepted.  This is because Olodumare empowers women and it is good for men to give full respect for women.

This odu teaches us that we should not use our eyes to under value a woman or any person.  All the Irunmole know the power that Olodumare gave to Osun and she has great ability to fight them.  In the end they all give her great respect.


Akere finu sogbon

Ni oruko ti an pe ifa iran

Ija gidigidi ko kan agba

Eniti olorun ba pe ni lagba

Baba la ma pe

Adifa fun osetura ti o ma ti kere

Gba agba lowo olodunmerinlogun

This is divined for all Igba Irumole Oju Kotun and divined for Igba Irunmole Oju Kosi, when they came from the heaven to this earth.

When they got to earth and they began building their house but they refused to build a house for Osun because they thought her to be a simple female.

Osun watched carefully how the Irunmole treated her.  This was the way they began building the world.  However she knew that if they were to know peace or to succeed in the world, in the end they would have to beg her and give her the ultimate respect.

As time progressed, the earth changed for the worse and all the people that Orunmila said would survive, died and the people he said should die, survived.

Ogun is the one who produces the iron, when he want to manufacture iron, all made wasn’t any good.

Obatala is the one who make the artists, and at this time all artist he made turned out bad.

The earth turned into a place of disaster and the Irunmole went back to Olodumare.  They explained all that happened on the earth.

And Olodumare use his mirror to check the world and he saw that Osun was under the tree.  Olodumare asked the Irunmole what became of the female that he sent with them to earth was.  They answered that she was a simple and ordinary female.  Olodumare told them they have to go back to the earth and build the house for her and give her the honor and respect.

When they got back to this earth, they built a house for her and Osun refused to sleep there because they didn’t build it for her in the beginning.  Then all the Irunmole decided that they we would sleep in the same house.

Osun is a beautiful woman all of Irunmole wanted to be with her but they didn’t know how.

Orunmila has a lot knowledge and he used his knowledge to speak a secret incantation.  Nobody understood what he saying to the iroko and he put the words to Osun’s chest.  This is how he was able to have his way with her.

When Osun woke up in the morning she saw that her clothes were wet and she called all the Orisa and asked them who had sex with her nobody answered.

Osun took out the Edun Ara, pulled her power and called the incantation that said whomever had sex with her the Arira should kill that person.  Thunder entered Orunmila’s house.

Orunmila took  his Oke Ponri Re o Gbe o and made a reading.  Then he used the Sigidi, called on his power using his power, and began to recite a powerful incantation, which said that Sigidi should kill Osun.

Osun listened to the words that Orunmila spoke and she asked him if he was the one who had sex with her and he answered her in the affirmative.

Osun asked why he didn’t tell her and he asked her to please calm down, so he could explain.

The two of them reconciled, married and became husband and wife.

Nine months later Osun delivered a baby boy and they names the baby, Omo Ti Osun Tu Wa.

When the baby grew up, Orunmila asked Osun to have another baby, but she refused.  She only wanted to have one child for Orunmila.

Osun said that if any babalawo want to make any ritual or sacrifice and if they don’t called the name of my child, Osun Tu Wa or Osetura the ritual or sacrifice we not be effective.

If a babalawo wants to make the (ebo) sacrifice he has to called Osetura to the sacrifice before it can accepted by Olodumare.

This is odu lets us know the powerful of females.

Oloye Olori Iwarefa Owolabi Aworeni.

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Odun Ilefin Araba Agbaye 2012

Posted on 20 June 2012 by Babalawo Aworeni


The Odun Ilefin festival for the Araba Agbaye was held Tuesday, June 19, 2012. This is the festival of Orunmila where the Araba Agbaye prayed for all Ifa devotees. During the celebration the Araba became the Amontekun  Orisa, where he symbolically transformed into a leopard. The symbol of the leopard can only be represented by the Araba Agbaye.

Mo po ju wo eyin kin ri oba Araba da amotekun odese odieranko abifinlara

This proverb is for the Araba Agbaye and speaks about to looking back to see the King, the Araba has turned into the leopard.


This year Orishada like to thank Awoyemi Adisa Monkanrawale Araba Agbaye Oluisese , Awolodunmirindinlogun, All the Aworeni family in diaspora   and All the Araba ,Olu-awo, Babalawo,Iyanifa,Babalorisa, Iyalorisa,Ojugbona,Gbogbo Omo Awo.

Aseyi Samodun A se Amodun Semi Odundun Lawo toro lowo
Olodumare ani fi odun yi se asemo Ase oooo.

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Olokun Odun Akara: The Festival of Akara

Posted on 13 June 2012 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Odun Akara (bean cake) festival was held Tuesday, June 12th,2012 in Ile-Ife.  In this festival all the babalawo and the ojugbona paraded through the streets of Ile-Ife to many the local shrines including Origi and other Orisha shrine.s  The people of Ife made Akara (bean cake) to eat, feed the babalawos and deities.

After this ritual they babalawos performed the Ojumo ma aworire that night until the  morning of the following day.  This took place in each individual compound.  Singing, dancing and chanting iwure continued all night through the next day.  Each Orisha was called using ritual language.


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Arisun Idana Ile Aafin 2012

Posted on 29 May 2012 by Babalawo Aworeni

The Arisun Idana Ile Aafin festival was held on Monday, May 28, 2012 in Ile-Ife. In this festival, the Araba and the elder the Awos must pick the Ewe (leaf) at the Osara Shrine and use it to wash the Ikin and Odu of Oduduwa. These are the Ikin held by the Ooni of Ife.

At night all the Awos and the Chiefs in Ile-Ife, including Lowa, Jaran, and Omirin (Emese) sleep in the palace. In the early morning they feed the Ikin and the Odu of Oduduwa. Also in the morning the Awos will go to Oketase and continue to say iwure over the Ikin and Odu Oduduwa.

Before the procession to the Osara Shrine in the afternoon the elder chiefs met at Oketase.

Following the meeting, the precession began down the streets in the center of Ile-Ife towards the Osara Shrine.

The elder Awos and chiefs continued to the Osara Shrine to pick the Ewe while the rest of the precession and the Ojugbona stopped at the Origi in the Moniki compound. The younger Awos and Ojugbona of Oketase fed the Origi. They said many prayers, recited Odu Ifa, sang and danced.

The precession through the streets ended at the Ooni’s Palace.

That evening the Awos returned to the Ooni’s Palace to feed and pray over the Ikin and Odu of Orunmila.

The singing and dancing of the elder Awos continued throughout the night

The Awo’s stayed in the Ooni’s Palace all night celebrating and chanting adura until the early morning.

Orunmila historically helped Oduduwa feed his Ikin and Odu. During this festival the Araba Agbaye as the representative of Orunmila on Earth helps the Ooni to feed the Ikin and Odu logboje of Oduduwa.

This festival refers to the Egbodo Ooni, which must be performed for the New Year to be ushered in. The Ooni must eat a spiritual yam for the sacrifice to be complete. Five days following the Egbodo Ooni and feeding of Oduduwa’s Ikin and Odu, the Orunmila Babarami Agboniregun festival will take place the Oketase World Ifa Temple .

Babalawo Owolabi  Aworeni.


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ORISHADA STORE – Limited time only!

Posted on 28 September 2010 by Babalawo Aworeni is happy to announce the sale of certain IFA items from Ile-Ife, “the Source of the Yoruba People!”  If you are interested in purchasing any of the following products, please contact us at

PEKE IFA: This item is made to order.  Any words (within reason) or Odu can be made into your Peke.  This item is made by the master craftsman bead maker.  Cost – $50 USD (small), $75 USD (large)

OPELE: The opele are handmade by Babalawo Owolabi Aworeni.  The materials are gathered from the heart of Ile-Ife.  Opele can be made with any color beads, here they are featured with the original Ifa (green and brown) beads.  Cost – $30 USD each (small), $40 USD each (large).

IROKE IFA: Handmade in Ile-Ife, made to order.  Although certain requests can be honored for the type of carvings, these are unique objects made by master craftsman and not all requests will be honored.  Cost – $50 USD

EKU (small rat):  Cost – $25 USD for 5 eku

IRUKERE: Handmade by master craftsman in Ile-Ife.  Custom made to order.  They can be ordered with or without bead decoration.  Cost – $100 USD (with beads), $90 USD (without beads).

ESU stone: The stone used for this item is found in Ile-Ife.  It can be shipped carved or uncarved.  Cost – $150 USD

IYEROSUN: This item is acquired in Ile-Ife and is shipped to order.

Cost – $10/packet (as seen in picture)

The shipping price for each order depends on the amount ordered.  Please contact us at if you are interested in purchasing these or any other items.

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Odun Elefin Araba Agbaye 2009

Posted on 24 June 2009 by Babalawo Aworeni


The Odun Elefin festival for the Araba Agbaye was held Tuesday, June 23, 2009. This is the festival of Orunmila where the Araba Agbaye will pray for all Ifa devotees. During the celebration the Araba became the Ekun Orisa, where he symbolically transformed into a leopard. The symbol of the leopard can only be represented by the Araba Agbaye.

Mo po ju wo eyin kin ri oba Araba da amotekun odese odieranko abifinlara

This proverb is for the Araba Agbaye and says to look back to see the King, the Araba has turned into the leopard. The Araba looks like the animal with spots, he is the leopard.


The Araba emerged from the chamber of Ilebora at Oketase and went to the Origi.



At the Origi the Araba performed many rituals and chanted adura for all the people gathered.


Next, the Araba and all the people gather proceeded to the Ooni’s Palace. On the way to the Palace the Araba and all the Awo did many spiritual rituals.


All the Ojugbona sang and chanted adura at the Palace. All the Awoolodumerindinlogun consulted Ifa when at the palace. Then they went to the Araba Agbaye and recited the Odu that fell. Because of the secret nature of the true consultation, all the Awoolodumerindinlogun when asked by the Araba in public they replied Eji Ogbe, Ire Aje, etc. This is from the Agbongbon to the last of the Awoolodumerindinlogun.

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